In 2012 LETHAL STEEL from Sweden issued their first demo (with a circulation of only 50 copies) and started playing some smaller venues in their home country. Guitarist Johan Frick explained a few years back: “The demo was recorded at Fryshuset during a couple of weeks in May 2012. We recorded it all by ourselves. We rushed the recordings to finish the demo before ‘Muskelrock’ to have something to show the people at the festival. That year we went directly from ‘Muskelrock’ to ‘Sweden Rock’.”
LETHAL STEEL went on to sign a deal with High Roller Records and issued their debut album »Legion Of The Night« in 2016.


2012 - Demo 2012 (Demo)

2013 - Single 2013 (Single)

2016 - Legion Of The Night

2020 - Running From The Dawn (EP)