Experimental Dutch rockers Kong started out in 1988 as a side project for Amsterdam-based musicians Dirk DeVries (guitar, samples, programming), Aldo Sprenger (guitar), Mark Drillich (bass, programmin
Out of different musical backgrounds ranging from blues to grindcore, David Johansson and Tomas Salonen met in the spring of 2004 to set the grounds for what later would become Kongh.
The Story starts out in a small town south of Copenhagen,- Køge.
It is very early in the morning and still dark outside. Next to two enormous heaps of luggage on trolleys which can barely hold, we find a unusual group.
Er kam, sah und siegte: der finnische Sänger Timo Kotipelto.
Gibt es nur auf Finnisch.
It all started fall, 2006 when Knockelkatt and Skrangelfant met at a local black metal concert in Larvik, Norway.
Jungsmusik für Mädchen  
Kragens demo CD 2000Dying In A Desert CD 2004
Krakow consists of Frode Kilvik, René Misje, Kjartan Grønhaug and Ask Ty Ulvhedin Arctander.