HERMAN RAREBELL is a genuine project of four pro musicians fascinated by extreme music. Their mother bands, ANTIGAMA and THIRD DEGREE, played together at the "Grind Manifesto 2003".
Inspired by the urban angst of Cincinnati, Ohio during the late 1990’s, Hermano began as a project conceived by producer Dandy Brown.
Michael Hero who is the founder of the band was raised in the cold northern part of Sweden. He started to play guitar when he was 9 years old, rocking out to Kiss and many more.
We play music. 2 of us have tattoos. 4 of us have facial hair. 1 of us has a white streak in his hair from being struck by lightning...
Herodias is a doom metal band encompassing a range of contemporary funeral doom with classical vocals.
HERZPARASIT ist das neue Projekt von Sänger Ric-Q Winther und Gitarrist El Toro. Ric-Q war ebenfalls Frontmann, Texter und Sänger der Münchner Deutschrocker „redLine“.
HeXeN is a Los Angeles based metal band that has been continuously active since 2003, fusing inspirations from all the different flavors of the genre to construct their own brand of music.
Die Band wurde 1999 als Drei - Mann - Projekt von Basser Ingo Kuhoff und den damaligen Bandmitglieder Andreas Klapper (Gitarre) und Jürgen Langner (Drums) gegründet.
Hexvessel is a psychedelic folk-rock band from Finland that was founded by Englishman Mat McNerney after he moved to Helsinki in 2009.
Basierend auf älteren Inspirationen und aus verschiedenen Ideen zusammengesetzt, wurde HIBERNIHILUM im Februar 2007 als experimentelles Solo-Projekt von Lykarch (Konzeption, Gesang, Texte) gegründet.
Hibria is: Iuri Sanson (Vocals), Abel Camargo and Diego Kasper (Guitars), Marco Panichi (Bass) and Savio Sordi (Drums).Defying the Rules
Die Band HIDDEN IN THE FOG wurde gegen Ende 1996 gegründet.
HIDDEN PATH is a power progressive metal band from Colombia, located in Bogota. Created by guitarist Daniel Realphe in 2002.
Italy's Hierophant have been making waves since their formation back in 2010 and are excited to call Bridge Nine Records their new home.