E-Force was formed in Montreal in the spring of 2001 by singer/bassist Eric Forrest, upon his departure from cyber-metallers Voivod.
This year promises to be a year of two great comets, both visible in the Northern hemisphere, the first one in March and another one in December.
“E. Town mixes hip-hop and metal in a way that is authentic and fresh and they have been doing so long before most of the bands that are around today.
EAR-SHOT stehen für Neo-Thrash-Metal der ?ins Schwarze trifft?, so schreibt der Metal Hammer in ihrer ersten Demo Review 2002. Seit dem hat sich viel getan!
EARDELETE was formed by 4 from 5 Negligent Collateral Collapse members after NCC broke up. Silence zombie nasa/esacre grindcore 1 st album titeled ZOMBIELOGY is out now under OBSCENE PRODUCTIONS
EARLY GRAVES formed in the Bay Area in early 2008 and have since released two full lengths, both on Metal Blade Records’ imprint, Iron Clad Recordings.
This is the new ethic. Animals' lives are their own and must be given respect. Reject the anthropocentric falsehood that maintains the oppressive hierarchy of mankind over the animals.
Thrashy Chicago doom featuring virtuoso violinist Rachel Barton Pine and Trouble's Ron Holzner,plus members of Spillage, Stonehenge, Trifog and The Living Fields.
Formed in early 2009 as a project between Harrisonburg natives Alan Fary (guitar/vocals) and Brently Hilliard (drums), following several member shifts solidified the EARTHLING lineup with Praveen Chhe
EARTHSHIP surge ahead like a nuclear-powered icebreaker through the Barents Sea, laden with mighty riffs, tons of groove and home-brewn whiskey.
Holocaust and Krieg formed Eastern Front at the end of 2006.
EASY RIDER was founded in 1990 by Daniel Castellanos (git), the two brothers Javier, (git) José Villanueva (bass) and Antonio Chaves (drums) in Madrid.
Eat Ghosts
Is it possible to do modern progressive rock without sounding like Dream Theatre? Eat Ghosts, a 4 – piece band from Potsdam, sails with you through the prog/psych/art-rock ocean.