BiografieThe Thrash / Death Metal band PROTECTOR was formed in the summer of 1986 in the german city of Wolfsburg. In the end of the same year they recorded their first demo. In the eight years that followed, the band recorded two EP's and four LP's. They played live all over Europe, among others with SODOM, KREATOR, WEHRMACHT, NAPALM DEATH and TANKARD. During the first years of its existance PROTECTOR also went through several line-up changes.

In 1994 the band decided to take a break for about one year. When that year had passed only drummer Marco Pape was motivated enough to continue the work with PROTECTOR, and did so together with three new bandmembers. This version of PROTECTOR existed until around 2002/2003.

In the end of the year 2005 former PROTECTOR vocalist Martin Missy, together with the swedish musicians Carl-Gustav Karlsson (drums - among others GRIEF OF EMERALD and MASTEMA), Michael Carlsson (guitar - MASTEMA) and Mathias Johansson (bass – vocals in SUICIDAL WINDS and AXIS POWERS), formed the PROTECTOR-coverband MARTIN MISSY AND THE PROTECTORS, with which they played live all around Europe until 2011. In the end of that year they decided to officially reactivate PROTECTOR again and to record a demo.Quelle: - Protector Of Death (Demo)

1987 - Kain And Abel (Rehearsal) (Demo)

1987 - Misanthropy (EP)

1987 - Live In Braunschweig (Demo)

1987 - Live In München (Demo)

1988 - Live In Wolfsburg (Demo)

1988 - Golem

1989 - Live In Bad Wörrishofen (Demo)

1989 - Urm The Mad

1990 - Leviathan's Desire (EP)

1991 - A Shedding Of Skin

1993 - The Heritage

1995 - Lost In Eternity (Compilation)

2000 - Resurrected (Demo)

2003 - Echoes From The Past... (Compilation)

2005 - Ominous Message Of Brutality (Compilation)

2006 - Welcome To Fire (Compilation)

2010 - Kain And Abel (Compilation)

2011 - The Return Of Thrash And Madness (Demo)

2012 - Wolfsburg Edition (Box-Set)

2012 - In The Vein Of Blackened Steel (Split)

2013 - Merciless Metal Onslaught (Split)

2013 - Reanimated Homunculus


Reanimated Homunculus - Cover
Also nein, von einer Reunion-Scheiblette kann man bei „Reanimated Homunculus“ (den Titel muss man dreimal lesen) wirklich nicht sprechen.