BiografieIntense, uncompromising. driven, spirited, relentless, honest, unique, bulletproof. Those are some of the words that have been used to describe hard music veterans Pro-Pain. Since their crushing 1992 Naird nominated debut album "Foul Taste Of Freedom", Pro-Pain has become a staple in the diets of heavy music listeners around the globe.

Their latest offering "Shreds Of Dignity" is an all out assault on the ears via 12 tracks of sheer sonic brutality. "Its very important for us to maintain a certain energy level with our music, and to meet higher lyrical standards" reveals Pro-Pain founder, front man, and bassist Gary Meskil. "Shreds Of Dignity" is certainly no exception. Tracks such as "No Way Out", "Down For The Cause", and "The Shape Of Things To Come" are all unmistakable signatures of a band that has thrown down with the best of them for over a decade now. The album was recorded, self produced, and engineered in their own Sarasota Florida studio where they continue to make records that sonically rival big budget recordings.

Pro-Pain has always been known for being one of the hardest working units in the "biz". "We come from the school of hard knocks, and have had to work real hard (sometimes under extreme conditions) to earn our keep" adds Meskil. Over 2000 gigs, 7 studio albums, and 10 years later, Pro-Pain has reached a level of accomplishment that far surpasses most in the genre. With album sales of over 600,000 world-wide, the lack of media and press coverage of Pro-Pain continues to astound and boggle the mind. Meskil states "We are in this for the fans first and foremost !!! ". "If we finally start to get some long overdue recognition, that´s all the better". One thing is certain, Pro-Pain will continue to be one of the main components of extreme music for years to come and "Shreds Of Dignity" is destined to become one of their classic "must have" albums.
Quelle: http://www.nuclearblast.deDiscografie1992 - Foul Taste Of Freedom

1994 - The Truth Hurts

1996 - Contents Under Pressure

1998 - Pro-Pain

1999 - Act of God

2000 - Round 6

2001 - Road Rage

2002 - Shreds Of Dignity

2004 - Fistful Of Hate

2005 - Prophets Of Doom www


Montag 01.03.2004
Bei den Fans gelten PRO-PAIN als echtes musikalisches Chamäleon, setzt sich ihre Fanschar, die die Band über 12 Jahre hinweg gesammelt hat, aus Freunden vieler verschiedener Stilrichtungen zusammen. Lead - Gitarrist Tom Klimchuck lässt sich auch weder musikalisch noch politisch gerne in eine Schublade stecken…



Prophets Of Doom - Cover
Wo PRO-PAIN draufsteht, ist auch PRO-PAIN drin!
Round 6 - Cover
Es gibt Bands, die ein wirklich nettes Album abliefern, die man dann eine Weile gut findet um sie letztendlich eine Zeit lang aus den Augen zu verlieren.
Shreds Of Dignity - Cover
NY-HC. Diese Marke spricht für dicke Männer mit Stiernacken und rasiertem Schädel. Und unglaublich viel Street-Credibility. Genau das geht mir bei Meskil und Co.