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Quelle: http://www.miketramp.comDiscografieMike Tramp´s most common history begins in New York City. After emigrating to New York City from his native Denmark with "a pair of cowboy boots and a hundred dollars to my name", Tramp was searching the NY-club scene until he met his companion Vito Bratta and they started the epitomal US-hard-rock-band WHITE LION. With classic American Hard-Rock, the cult-classic debut ´Fight To Survive´ and the sufficient major label support, WHITE LION reached platinum-plus status with their album ´Pride´. On the heels of four major singles, the biggest being ´When The Children Cry´, WHITE LION established their status even further with the follow-up albums ´Big Game´ and ´Mane Attraction´ and were able to create a die-hard following all over the globe. Mike Tramp on vocals and Vito Bratta on guitar were an inseparable duo in the tradition of the great, immortal duos of rock history that had to realize that, with the grunge-boom of the early nineties, there seemed to be no place for classic, catchy rock tunes. However, Mike Tramp left no room for depression, wrote new songs with his old pal Oliver Steffensen and formed FREAK OF NATURE. Combining classic-rock formula with the musical spirit of the nineties, FREAK OF NATURE became one of the favorites of the European touring circuit and released two critically acclaimed albums but disbanded soon after. The FREAK OF NATURE-chapter was finally closed by the release of the definitive "Freakthology"-collection at the end of last year, which contains all the material this magical band has ever recorded. Once again, Tramp would not lose his faith but jumped head-first into the new chapter of his career. Starting in the studio of his friend David Coverdale he started to work on his first solo-album ´Capricorn´ which was released in 1998 and showed Tramp from a drastically different, more stripped-down and intimate side. The lyrics got even more personal and, even though he toured stateside with Lynyrd Skynyrd, there was no real effort made from the label to push the album. It wasn´t until 2001 that things took a different turn. After touring for 60 shows in the US under his own flag in the summer, he started recordings on his second solo-album ´Recovering The Wasted Years´ which was released by European indie ´ulfTone music´ in February 2002. Tramp started touring Europe like there was no tomorrow and pleased each and every one that came to the shows. The album and tour got amazing reviews and Mike had finally showed everyone that he was still a major force to be reckoned with in the rock world. The story continues: in the spring of 2003 Tramp had finished his third solo effort ´More To Life Than This´, which was released in Europe on March 17th, 2003. Tramp once again produced the album himself but used producer/engineer FLEMMING RASMUSSEN (Metallica) to engineer and mix the sessions in his very own SWEET SILENCE STUDIOS. Following the release, Mike once again did not stand still. He toured relentlessly in support of the album, first in Asia, then in Europe all summer with ZZ Top, then onwards to his own headline-tour, which ended in Bradford, England in October of 2003. Mike then commenced to mix his first-ever live-album ("Rock´n´Roll Alive") which has already been released in certain territories and is fixing to be released in others and is now starting to write songs for new albums; right now, nothing has been scheduled in terms of recordings but there will be surprising turns in terms of live performances in the near future. A man that remained true to his name and nature - Tramp once, Tramp forever. www


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Sonntag 20.11.2005
MIKE TRAMP, seines Zeichens ehemaliger Frontmann der in den Achtzigern sehr erfolgreichen Combo WHITE LION hat sich trotz Solokarriere mal wieder mit seinen alten Songs und einer Live-Scheibe gemeldet - MI hat mal kritisch nachgehört was Sache ist.


More Life Than This - Cover
WHITE LION eine Band, die jedem selbst noch etwas jüngeren Rockfan ein Begriff sein müßte (u.a.
Tramps White Lion - Rocking The USA (Live) - Cover
MIKE TRAMP hat seit dem Split von WHITE LION Ende 1991 einige klasse Soloscheiben veröffentlicht und auch einiges an Touren hinter sich gebracht.