BiografieDemiurg is the spawn of Paganizer/Ribspreader mainman Rogga Johansson. The band was conceived early 2006 and was initially meant to be another outlet of primitive death metal, the concept however evolved into something way more unique and exciting. During the process of writing material a plethora of non death metal elements drew their part to the outcome. Together with the obvious brutality and groove found in bands like Bolt Thrower, Grave or Edge of Sanity the material was also injected with more diverse ideas derived from the sound of bands like Satyricon and Sepultura thus creating something not entirely prone to be labeled oldschool death metal. During this process the need of a capable bassplayer arose as the material would benefit from playing beyond the usual simplistic basslines of much brutal music. Invited into the project was then Johan Berglund from swedish modern metal act This Haven, as he had the talent and chops to add the most challenging basslines. Inspired by such greats as Death and Sadus his playing added greatly to the Demiurg sound. From the start of this project the legendary musician and producer Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity/Nightingale) was enrolled to produce the debut album aswell as play the drums, wich he also did on the album. However as Demiurg´s sound evolved the need of a truly great drummer arose and thus Ed Warby of Gorefest stepped in. Ed is arguably one of the very best death metal drummer in the world, and in Demiurg he displays exactly why this statement is true. With Ed firmly placed on the drumstool Dan Swanö could concentrate on what he does best besides achieving monstrous sound; playing guitars and arranging keyboards. To top off the mix of musicians and add the last drop of magic to the band one of the best vocalists in the Swedish metal scene was enlisted. Pär Johansson of Satariel fame will handle all clean vocalparts, as well as some of the higher growling in Demiurg.Quelle: The Hate Chamber

2007 Breath Of The Demiurg


Dienstag 10.06.2008
DEMIURG-Mastermind Rogga Johansson ist kein Unbekannter mehr im Death Metal-Zirkus, ist er doch seit Jahren mit verschiedenen Projekten aktiv, die sich allesamt der alten Schwedenschule verschrieben haben. „The Hate Chamber“ kann neben sehr gutem Death Metal mit einigen Hochkarätern im Line-Up aufwarten, wie GOREFEST-Drummer Ed Warby und Dan Swanö.


Slakthus Gamleby - Cover
The Hate Chamber - Cover
Für seinen neuen DEMIURG-Streich hat sich Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER) mit namhaften Mitstreitern umgeben.