Danny Cavanagh - guitars

Vincent Cavanagh - vocals, guitars

Jamie Cavanagh - bass

John Douglas - drums

Les Smith - keyboards

The story of Anathema is truly a case of survival of the best. The 13-year history of these talented Liverpudlians has seen the band supersede and out-grow other bands of their ilk and indeed the genre.

While other bands of the doom/goth metal fraternity fell by the wayside, Anathema grew with the release of each of their 6 full-length albums, the last of which, ´A Fine Day To Exit´, became their most critically acclaimed album, whilst being their most experimental to date.

2003 will begin another new adventure for the band. Currently working on their 7th studio album, Anathema; Vinnie Cavanagh (Vocals/Guitar), Danny Cavanagh (guitar), John Douglas (Drums) and Les Smith (Keyboards) have been rejoined by Cavanagh brother and twin, Jamie Cavanagh (bass). With the exception of Les Smith and original vocalist Darren White, this means that Anathema are now back to the core of their original line-up (formed in 1989), the result of which will be exhibited when they release a brand new album later in 2003.Quelle: The Crestfallen

1993 Serenades

1995 Pentecost III (EP)

1995 The Silent Enigma

1996 Eternity

1998 Alternative 4

1999 Judgement

2001 Resonance (Best of)

2001 A Fine Day To Exit

2002 Resonance 2 (Best of & Raritäten)

2003 A Natural Disaster

2008 Hindsight

2010 We're Here Because We're Here www


We’re Here Because We’re Here  - Cover
ANATHEMA haben schlanke sieben Jahre für ihr neues Werk gebraucht, von der zwischenzeitlichen Verwurstung eigener Songs auf “Hindsight” einmal abgesehen.
Weather Systems - Cover
ANATHEMA haben nicht wieder sieben Jahren zwischen zwei Werke gepackt, sondern “Weather Systems” recht flott nach “We’re Here Because We’re Here“ geschrieben und ei