WITCH MOUNTAIN SUMMER 2013 BIO  **********************************************************************
Witchburner wurde als Zwei-Mann Band von Tankred Best und Florian Schmidt 1992 gegründet.
Als Magnus Perlander im Jahr 2000 in Schweden die Doom Metal-Band Witchcraft gegründet hat, wollte er ein PENTAGRAM Tributalbum aufnehmen. Zwei Jahre später erschien ihre erste Single.
Witchcurse is a true heavy metal, influenced by the N.W.O.B.H.M.
Witchgrave kommen aus Växjö, Schweden, woher auch andere bekannte schwedische Bands wie Bullet und Eviscerated stammen.
WITCHMASTER was formed in 1996. in the same year they recorded their first rehearsal demo 'Thrash or Die'. The next studio tape 'No Peace At All' was released in 1997.
Doom Metal just refuses to die.
WITH BLOOD COMES CLEANSING leaves listeners in a state of sheer excruciating agony with their blistering guitar riffs, pummeling crush parts, and brutally vivid christian lyrics.
With Chaos In Her Wake are a five piece metal band from Hull, East yorkshire.
withered was formed in the early summer of 2003 in atlanta, ga.
Here´s some details about Withering..
The vile entity known as Withershin was spawned in 2006. Firmly rooted in the acrid soil of the underground, the bands ambition was to explore and channel darkness and chaos with no limitations.
„We define ourselves through what we have and deny what we could be“, expresses the frustration of singer Dave, caused by the increasing competition on social status, career pressure and m
Within Y was formed by Nikke Almen (guitar), Mikael Nordin (guitar) and Andreas Solveström (vocals) sometime during February/March 2002.
Formed in 1997, Hungary´s Without Face set out on their musical journey.
Residing in Melbourne, the home of bands such as Vanishing Point, Eye Fear and Black Majesty, Withoutend formed in Autumn 2001.
"Es hat uns keiner gesagt, dass Metal tot war!
Comprising of 4 individuals with a love for slow horrible riffs & creating a hell of a lot of noise, Wizard's Beard wasted no time in recording their debut album 'Pure Filth', which was released on ps