Guitarist/songwriter Rick Wartell started the legendary Trouble in 1977 Chicago.
Weyland gründete sich im Jahre 99´ wobei sie zu dieser Zeit nur aus drei Leuten bestanden und die waren Lars, (dr) Steffen (g) und Andre (g).
A mixture of Bulldoze, Clubber Lang & Fury of Five, with a touch of Next Step Up & All Out War  
In late November 1989, guitarist Chris Galvan and I decided to start a new project of heavy, progressive, all-original metal.
Sheffield, England garnered a worldwide reputation for steel production during the boom time of the industrial revolution, earning itself the nickname "Steel City".
Whiplash is a 3-piece power trio hailing from New Jersey.
The project Whiskey Ritual was born in 2008 from an idea of Dorian Bones (vocals) and Plague (bass) to create an old school black metal band in the vein of Venom, the first Bathory and Hellhammer.
Whispering gallery is a metal band from the Netherlands formed at the end of 1995.