BiografieHi, it's us. Tackleberry. 4 or 6 or 5 Touch ( with a C) Guy Punx from the Bay Area. Kiel, Northern Germany that is. We're around since 2004 and since then we got around a little. We're not so much into pretentious bullshit so here are some hard facts in case you're interested:
We've been playing around 250 something shows and spent a fortune on gas and gear in this time. We try not to feel cool about it, since we certainly aren't. And we sure don't expect our audience to be cool either.
We like partying, laughing and dancing so if you think those things might undermine your morals better not book us. And maybe reconsider booking us only for our off-stage activities.
Well, apart from being a pathetic bunch of hedonistic losers we've all developed clear thoughts about issues such as Racism, Animal Abuse, Sexism, Ageism, Homophobia and the likes. Fuck em.
Currently we're writing new stuff. Doing that, we anxiously try to get the Punk back in Hardcore. We feel there is a desperate need for that.
Anyway, we do like most people and we can very well cope with hard floors, shitty PAs, and cold Reis mit Scheiss.
PS:... and fuck all your ridiculous Tough Guy antics too, we're so through with that! Quelle: Call Me Green

2006 Split w/ The Force Within

2006 Split w/ Cut..n..Run www