Pagan's Mind

BiografiePagans Mind was formed during summer by 2000 by Nils K. Rue (vocals), Stian Kristoffersen (drums) and Thorstein Aaby (guitar). They all played together in a 80´s metal inspirated band but wanted to aim higher and replaced the old bass player with Steinar Krokmo. He joined as bass player together with guitar virtuoso Jorn Viggo Lofstad, which joined at the same time. Steinar and Stian both played in prog metal Trivial Act already, and Stian was familiar with Steinar as a killer bassist. Ronny Tegner, a friend of Jorn Viggos and Steinar through several band constellations finally joined the band two months after the recording of their debut album Infinity Divine, which was recorded just a month after Jorn Viggo and Steinar joined Pagans Mind. Having done all the keyboard work on the album, Ronny Tegner saw the great potential in this band and therefore joined as a full member.

The debut release "Infinity Divine", released in November 2000 on Norwegian label Voices Of Wonder Records and produced by legendary TNT guitarist Ronni Le Tekro, recieved good critics all over the world but had certain problems with distribution.

During summer 2002, Pagans Mind was ”hunted down” and signed to the prestigious German record company Limb Music Productions, and joins therefore together with great metal acts as Rhapsody, Pain Of Salvation, Adagio and Luca Turilli on the same label, something the band appreciates very much.

As for the second album release, "Celestial Entrance", (who will be released on Limb Music november 18th 2002), the recording took place in Norway during January and March 2002 and were produced and mixed at famous Studio Fredman in Gothenburg by Fredrik Nordstrom (Dream Evil) during April 2002. This top-notch, crystal clear and brutal crunchy production witnesses yet another great work from the fingers of the man behind limit-breaking productions as Dimmu Borgir, Soilwork and Lost Horizon amongst others. Right after the work with the album, the band made a music video of one of the songs from the album during the first two weeks of May. The result came out very good and will be used in the presentation and promotion of the band. It maybe difficult to describe exactly what kind of metal Pagans Mind are, maybe "Power Prog" would be a good term, but their influences are many and the members also have their backgrounds from both jazz, classical and rock/metal music. Some will describe it as prog metal in the vein of Dream Theater and Queensryche, though there are clear elements from power as well as black metal appearing in the exciting musical landscape of Pagans Mind. However, the high technical skill shines through all over. Also, lyrics/concept is an important factor in Pagan´s Mind, and creates an interesting and exciting frame around the music, usually mystical orientated with strong and intelligent use of grammar and words which makes the listener/reader îhookedî on the enchanting stories and the deeper philosophy in Pagans Minds lyrics. Listen for yourselves, enjoy and make up your own mind! Norway hasnt been blessed with talented bands outside the Black Metal wave for many years, but this is the melodic and brutal revenge from the cold country who gave you bands like TNT and Conception. Having already earned reputation as an amazingly great live-band, Pagans Mind is now ready for touring, festival jobs and live shows!
Quelle: http://www.pagansmind.comDiscografie2000 Infinity Divine

2002 Celestial Entrance

2004 Infinity Divine (Re-Release)

2005 Enigmatic : Calling

2007 God's Equation


Celestial Entrance - Cover
Jenes Teil welches mir diese Tage das Compact-Disc-Abspielgerät blockiert (nachdem es beim Antesten schon nach den ersten beiden Tracks verdammt schnell in meine Einkaufstasche gewandert ist) hört auf
Enigmatic : Calling - Cover
PAGAN’S MIND ernteten Anno 2002 mit ihrem Zweitwerk "Celestial Entrance" allenthalben Beifall - und können nach drei Jahren Sendepause die damaligen Lobeshymnen mit der Veröffentlichung von "Enigmatic
God's Equation - Cover
Endlich, es wurde auch Zeit.
Heavenly Ecstacy       - Cover
Nachdem PAGAN’S MIND mehrere richtig guten Alben am Start hatten, war nach 2007 erst mal Schluss mit neuem Stoff.
Infinity Divine (Re-Release) - Cover
Für Freunde progressiver Klänge der härteren Gangart hat das Label LMB das mittlerweile recht schwer erhältliche Debütalbum "Infinity Divine" der norwegischen PAGAN’S MIND als um zwei Tracks erweitert