BiografieContaminant was founded in 2006 by the guitarist and vocalist “Andreas Putz”.
At the beginning the project was called "Avengers of Death".

They developed a new melodic death metal style which was darker and more powerful than anything they have ever done before, especially with symphonic and electronic elements which characterize their unique art today.

2007 they produced the demo tape “Crusade to Hell”.

The Year 2008 proved to be a turning point when the artists changed the name of the band into “Contaminant” and the new vocalist "Fabian Schreiber" has been involved. At the end of that year they produced the self-released album “Masquerade”.

In 2011 there was a new beginning when Contaminant set a new membership: ”Stefan Röhl” takes the synthesizer-programming position and in February 2011 the guitarist “Johannes Hößl” turned up.
Immediately a new concept and new songs were born which was the step for a demo production at Aexxys-Art Studio (“Stephan Fimmers”).

In April 2012 the bass guitar player "Markus Hahn" and the drummer "Fabian Hübner" joined Contaminant.

During the period Contaminant performed more than 50 concerts, e.g. at Metalcamp Slovenia 2009, Winter Invasion 2011, Wackel Festival 2012, Storm Crusher Festival 2012, Rekwi Festival 2012.
Meanwhile Contaminant is working on the new album which is scheduled for summer 2014.
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