Atlantean Kodex

by Gast
BiografieFormed in 2005 ATLANTEAN KODEX immediately managed to conquer the center spot of the new European Epic Metal scene with their regressive and uncompromising musical approach.

Already their first demo „The Pnakotic Demos“ (2007) put them in the spotlight of fans and journalists worldwide. Not only was the demo elected „Demo of the Month“ in Germany‘s leading magazine Rock Hard, but also it opened the doors to renowned festivals such as Keep it True (Germany) or Up the Hammers (Greece) for the band.

With a stable line-up including singer Becker, guitarist Koch and Trummer, bassist Kreuzer and drummer Weiss the ATLANTEAN KODEX conquered the next level with their debut album „The Golden Bough“ in 2010. The album was hailed by fans and critics as one of the best German metal albums ever, taking „album of the month“-spots in basically all leading magazines and webzines, like Rock Hard (Germany), Heavy! (Germany), Metal Hammer (Greece) and scoring top scores all over the world. More live shows in the European festival circuit followed. Among others ATLANTEAN KODEX conquered the Hammer of Doom Festival and festivals in Ireland, England, Portugal, Greece and last not least the Rock Hard Festival (Germany).Quelle: - The Hidden Folk (12"-EP)

2007 - The Pnakotic Demos

2007 - Vestal Claret/Atlantean Kodex (Split)

2008 - A Prophet In The Forest (12"-EP)

2009 - The Annihilation Of Koenigshofen (Live)

2010 - The Pnakotic Demos+Fragments Of Yuggot (Compilation)

2010 - The Annihilation Of Nürnberg (Live)

2010 - The Golden Bough

2012 - Goddess Rising Demo

2013 - The White Goddess



The White Goddess - Cover
Waren die Oberpfälzer bis vor drei Jahren noch ein heiß gehandelter Geheimtipp im Underground, so änderte sich der Status des Quintetts 2010 rapide, denn mit ihrem überragenden Debütalbum „The G