Today Forever

BiografiePassion, maturity and authenticity are words thrown around far too commonly in the music scene these days. For every artist claiming to be what they say, far too often it is just what people want to hear. Often it’s manufactured by a major label or management firm.

German hardcore legends TODAY FOREVER have been passionately playing their own breed of melody and violence for nearly a decade. Never a band to shy away from a message, they have taken their sincerity to a new level with their new album “RELATIONSHIPWRECKS”. Both well versed in discussing issues of politics and personal issues, they discuss daily struggles based on real life designed to appeal to the every man.

“To us, making music is an adventure” explains drummer Tim Schuetz. “We weave our daily challenges and experiences into music and lyrics and just for a moment we let ourselves off the leash. We want our music to be a splendid torch that we hold up high and burns as brightly as possible.” The band, also featuring vocalist Christian Besteck, guitarists David Gloeckner and Manuel Otto, and bass player Marco Engelhardt, all echo this statement in their journey as not only a band, but also as good friends. “Everyone who sees us play live notices our positivity and honesty”, Christian proudly proclaims. “We try to transfer our positive message to them and fill them with the same passion the 5 of us have.”

The subject matter on RELATIONSHIPWRECKS is entirely about positivity though it does have it’s somber moments. The band understands that sometimes you need to address pain and sorrow to get through it and find hope. Christian explains, “This record is about finding yourself, being aware of your vulnerability, and exploring your extremes during a time of destruction by either watching the bond you had with someone else slowly vanishing or witnessing what is left after all is said and done.”

Musically the record sticks to the relentless pounding of hardcore rhythms mixed with a catchiness of post-punks yesteryears, rarely found in the hardcore scene today. TODAY FOREVER recruited friends Andrew Neufeld (COMEBACK KID / SIGHTS & SOUNDS), Billy Hamilton (SILVERSTEIN) and Scott Wade (ex-COMEBACK KID) to help them out with some key vocal cameos. Behind the console, the band once again recruited veteran producer Kristian Kohlmannslehner (KOHLEKELLER STUDIOS) as they have on all of their full length albums.

TODAY FOREVER’s probably heaviest production combined with an outstanding artwork by no other than renowned artist Dave Quiggle makes for one of 2012’s most recommended new releases to watch out for.

After 10 years, 3 full lengths, an EP, and countless shows under their belt, TODAY FOREVER shows no signs of slowing down. Even as commitments of real life, work and family creep more and more into their lives, the bands passion remains strong. They’ve seen the trends come and go, but TODAY FOREVER has stuck to their sound and ethics. “We are a part of the contemporary culture and we shape it the way we can.” Christian proclaims. “We label ourselves as important even if no one else does. What we do is important to us.”Quelle: www