Spearhead (UK)

BiografieSpearhead (United Kingdom) formed in 2005, and released their debut album Deathless Steel Command in 2006. This was followed by the promo EP When the Pillars Fall in 2006, which served as a precursor to the bands acclaimed second opus Decrowning the Irenarch, which was released in 2007. The album set new standards for militant and violent death metal, and cemented the bands formidable presence in the scene.

Spearhead have an impressive live record, including numerous high profile festival appearances, a European tour with Singapore’s Impiety (covering the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland), and together with Norwegian tyrants Urgehal, tours of Spain, Portugal and the USA.

The band is currently working on their highly anticipated third album, which will be released through Agonia Records. The new album will contain the bands most devastating material yet, and is guaranteed to be one of the most crushing releases of 2010. Morituri te Salutamus!Quelle: - Deathless Steel Command

2006 - When The Pillars Fall (Demo)

2007 - Decrowning The Irenarch

2011 - Theomachia


Theomachia - Cover
„Theomachia“ der 2003 gegründeten SPEARHEAD ist eine dieser Scheiben, die man eigentlich nur schwer einordnen kann – sowohl stilistisch als auch qualitativ.