Corpse Molester Cult

Biografie.. .. Corpse Molester Cult was founded at 2005 by Tomi Joutsen (Amorphis, Sinisthra) and Joni Laakso. Mikko Nevanlahti (Catamenia, The Undivine) joins the band at summer 2005.

Timo Vainio (Sinisthra) joins the band at winter 2005-2006 and gave a real kick in the ass with his guitar melodies already really brutal sounding band.

Later 2006 Antti Åström (Wasara, Antihelt) was invited to the band and made the band whole with his really raw, brutal, low crawling (viemäriörtsä) vocals

Early 2008 Corpse Molester Cult entered the studio and recorded 4 songs. songs are now available for listening and downloading, enjoy the molestation.Quelle: www


Corpse Molester Cult - Cover
AMORPHIS-Musiker und ihre Nebenprojekte. CHAOSBREED war das Kind von Esa Holopainen, verlief sich aber schon vor Jahren im Sande.