Necros Christos


Raised through goetic invocations in late 2001 by guitarist/vocalist Mors Dalos Ra and soon famous for delivering some of the most dark yet epic Death / Doom Metal ever.

In 2011, while entering its 10th year of existence, the entity known as NECROS CHRISTOS unleashed its second full length album Doom of the Occult through german forces Sepulchral Voice and Ván Records, and via The Ajna Offensive in the US.

The album featured nine new songs such as Necromantique Nun and Doom of Kali Ma alongside numerous acoustic interludes for which the band is infamously known for since its creation in 2001. A sonic mass equally unique and disturbing.

With their first full length album released in 2007 named Triune Impurity Rites, the band gained a worldwide following without leaving behind the atmosphere of the demos – two of which had legendary status already.

Supreme live performances to be held since 2005 testify the status of being one of the darkest yet heavy Death / Doom Metal acts of today.

After some few line-up changes, the current temple is formed by Mister Iban Hernandez on drums, Master Reverend N on lead & rhythm guitars as well as Mors Dalos Ra on lead & rhythm guitars, bass and vocals.

The band is preparing songs for the third and final record Domedon Doxomedon as well as a new and huge live set featuring various classics from all of their releases.


2002 - Necromantic Doom (Demo)

2003 - Black Mass Desecration (Demo)

2004 - Ritual Doom Rehearsal (Demo)

2004 - Bunkertor 4 Rehearsals VCD (DVD)

2004 - Curse Of The Necromantical Sabbath (EP)

2004 - Grave Damnation (Demo)

2004 - Baptized By The Black Urine Of The Deceased (Single)

2005 - Necros Christos/Loss (Split)

2005 - Black Mass Desecration/Ancient Barbaric Assault (Split)

2005 - Night Of The Unmutilated Ritual (DVD)

2006 - Teitanblood/Necros Christos (Split)

2007 - Triune Impurity Rites

2011 - Doom Of The Occult

2013 - One In Darkness Two In Damnation Three In Death 2002-2007 (Compilation)

2014 - Nine Graves (EP)

2014 - Darkness Comes to... Live! (Live)

2018 - Domedon Doxomedon



Montag 01.09.2014
Die Berliner NECROS CHRISTOS gehören allerspätestens seit ihrem großartigen Debütalbum "Triune Impurity Rites" zur absoluten Elite des schwarzen Todesmetalls, und das weit über Deutschlands Grenzen hinaus. Was auf "Doom Of The Occult" nahtlos fortgesetzt wurde, findet nun mit der EP "Nine Graves" einen weiteren Höhepunkt.


Doom Of The Occult - Cover
Lange schon hatte sich die Berliner Quartett durch den deutschen Underground geschlagen, stets von heftigem Zuspruch sowohl seitens der Death- als auch der Black Metal-Fans begleitet.