His Statue Falls

BiografieHIS STATUE FALLS - SCREAMO meets TECHNO. HIS STATUE FALLS are the scene’s newcomer of the year 2009.

With their "TECHCORE" HIS STATUE FALLS successfully link elements of techno, screamo and pop to a novel, homogenous and unique sound that sets the trend; a trend which will probably spawn generations of imitators.

The young band's following has increased rapidly since their first show in 2007 and still rises inexorably. No surprise: by an energetic and intoxicating live-performance – characterized by impulsive techno-beats, powerful guitars and crystal clear hook lines – HIS STATUE FALLS contrive to bring a club's atmosphere to a boil and to enthuse every music-lover of any genre.

HIS STATUE FALLS already showed their skills and shared stages with bands like: FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES (USA), ACROSS FIVE APRILS (USA), HORSE THE BAND (USA), ENTER SHIKARI (UK), HOPES DIE LAST (IT), HAND TO HAND (USA), RAISED FIST (SWE) and many more.

Additionally, the sestet supported ENTER SHIKARI on their EU-tour in January 2009 and the cherry on the top: recently, HIS STATUE FALLS got signed to REDFIELD RECORDS Germany.
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