BiografieOMT burst onto the South-Coast music scene in 2007, with one aim, to spread the METAL! Following several alterations and altercations, in early 2008 they returned, bigger and better than ever, with the line-up sporting the shred–meister Joffy Bailey on lead guitar, Stewart Ferguson bringing the vocal thunder, Mike Steele on skins, Dave Steele on bass and Preston Timmins, king of the catchy riff, on rhythm guitar.

Seriously brutal, this is metal at its most energetic. Annihilating the south-coast with their unique brand of hardcore melodic-metal, OMT leave in their wake a trial of sweat drenched fans, hungry for more and chanting the immortal words…
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Anamantium  - Cover
OMT halten zusammen mit SWORN AMONGST die Fahne des Thrash Metals im Rising Records-Stall hoch, können im direkten Vergleich mit ihren Kollegen aber nicht überzeugen, auch wenn ihre Version des Thrash