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BiografieROOT was founded by Big Boss (voc.) and Blackie (guitar) at the end of '87. After some rehearsals there was recorded the first official demo tape "Reap Of Hell". In September of '88 ROOT played out the first gig. The second demo cassette is called "War Of Rats", the third and last one "Messengers From Darkness". Big Boss recorded three demos as the drummer! The first album of ROOT "Zjeveni" was released on Zeras Rec. in '91. As a part of promotion ROOT recorded the video for legendary Czech song hymn "Hrbitov" (not available on "Zjeveni", only on compilation CD of CZ bands called "Death Metal Session"!). The second disc "Hell Symphony" was born in '92 on Zeras Rec. as well. The first ROOT stuff in English language. The year 1993 brings the third masterpiece of ROOT - CD "The Temple In The Underworld" (Monitor Rec.). Slow song "Aposiopesis" was choosen for another videoclip. Following years were in the sign of personal problems between two main personalities of ROOT,Big Boss and Blackie ... Fourth album "Kargeras" ('96 - Blackhole Records) is the first concept recording in ROOT's career. In '96 was also re-released the album "Hell Symphony" on Cacophonus Rec. After another three years of poor activity ROOT rose again to record the fifth masterpiece "The Book" that's been released in Summer of '99 on REDBLACK. The same label re-released the first album "Zjeveni" featuring bonus "Hrbitov" + the third one "The Temple In The Underworld" with two bonuses on doubleCD and the second album "Hell Symphony" + the fourth album "Kargeras" with several bonuses on doubleCD as-well!!!

And what about the present? Well, let's sum up the heaviness of "Hell Symphony", monumentality of "The Temple In The Underworld", mystery of "Kargeras" and the dark charm of "The Book", square it all and get the final music jewel ... "Black Seal" album, which was released on REDBLACK at the end of 2001.

ROOT started to play more gigs again, there's new line - up (after more than ten years with bass guitar!), Big Boss is 50 years old but on the stage younger and much more hellish than never before, there are many plans for the future ...

ROOT played out during its existence more than 900 gigs in the passing also with such bands as My Dying Bride, Anathema, Krabathor, Master's Hammer ... .Quelle: - War Of Rats (Demo)

1988 - Reap Of Hell (Demo)

1988 - Death Metal Session II. (Video/VHS)

1989 - Messengers From Darkness (Demo)

1989 - The Trial (Demo)

1990 - 7 Cerných Jezdců/666 (Single)

1990 - Zjevení/The Revelation

1991 - Hell Symphony

1992 - The Temple In The Underworld

1996 - Kärgeräs

1999 - The Book

2001 - Black Seal

2003 - Dema (Best Of/Compilation)

2003 - Root/Atomizer (Split)

2003 - Madness Of The Graves

2004 - The Devil's Diary (Video/VHS)

2004 - Hell Tour 2004 (DVD)

2005 - Capturing Sweden - Live in Falkenberg

2006 - Casilda (EP)

2006 - Deep In Root (DVD)

2007 - Daemon Viam Invenient

2011 - Heritage Of Satan


Hell Symphony (Re-Release) - Cover
Die tschechischen ROOT gehören seit 1987 zu den Vertretern der Ursuppe der schwarzen Wurzeln.
Heritage Of Satan - Cover
Nachdem zuletzt ein paar ältere Alben („Hell Symphony“, „The Book“) der tschechischen Kauz-Black Metaller wieder veröffentlicht worden sind, hat die Band nach ihrem 2007er Stre
The Book (Re-Release) - Cover
Neben dem ebenfalls sehr guten Album „Hell Symphony“ erscheint auch „The Book“, das 1999e