Fall Of Efrafa

BiografieALL OF EFRAFA is a band based around a re-imagining of the mythological and political overtones in the book "Watership Down" by Richard Adams, focusing our efforts in forwarding atheist/animal rights ideologies. We write very long epic, heavy, melancholic music, taking influence from post rock, post metal, ambient black metal, hardcore, punk etc.

We wrote a trilogy of records collectively known as "The Warren of Snares" - Owsla, Elil and Inlé.

We took the mythology presented in the novel and applied it to our own interpretation. The story runs backwards, with our final record Inlé being the beginning of the story.

The Owsla are a society on the brink of social collapse. Their people are dying under the rule of a religious despot known as General Woundwort. Their land is infertile due to the encroachment of a new enemy, the Efrafa, an unseen species that erects bizarre and terrifying structures, poisons the earth and murders their kind. The General can no longer offer false promise of survival and an uprising occurs. Their god, Frith, is metaphorically put to death as a sign of defiance. But for many Owsla it is a difficult and uncomfortable choice - to reject a lifetime of faithful obedience.

The story continues in Elil (meaning enemy), where the war within takes presidence. How do you overcome such an obstacle? Indoctrination from birth, the unconditional surrender of reason. Perhaps this is the hardest battle to overcome.

The final chapter is the aptly titled Owsla, our first record. In this, both voices are heard, the Efrafa are not entirely incoherent and hateful. There are those who do not accept that the willful destruction of the Earth is their right. But that voice is drowned out by the many, and in this, we envisage the unceasing will to survive from the point of view of the Owsla as they make their final charge against the Efrafa.

The trilogy is cyclical, as each civilization rises and falls, facing the same struggles time and time again. Although the music we play has changed and progressed since our inception, we try to keep a cohesive sound and story, that follows the narrative.

As a band we encourage people to talk more openly about animal rights and strive for a future in which humanity ceases to be dependent on the exploitation and slaughter of non human animals. It is easy to label this as preaching or arrogance, but communication is how we learn. Debating such issues only helps us become more aware of our actions, be that for political and social change or an end to religious oppression.

All the members of Fall Of Efrafa are vegan and atheist. Although we are open to discussion, we hope that those who listen to our music appreciate that these values are as important to us as the music itself. Please read the lyrics and explanations.Quelle: - Inle

2008 - Tharn

2007 - Elil

2007 - Owsla


Inle - Cover
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