Planar Evil

BiografieThrash Metal band PLANAR EVIL was assembled during January 2000 in Campobasso ( Italy ), initially comprising a thrash-trio of vocalist/bassist Mark Evil, guitarist Maurizio and drummer Rob. At first the band tackled Thrash Metal standards as covers but then began to arrange original material.

However, in November of 2001 Maurizio departed, being replaced by Gabriele (a.k.a. Warhead) of LEPROSY ( in February of 2002. In November 2002 PLANAR EVIL entered the Temple Of Noise Studios in Rome to craft the demo ' Land Of Doom '.

The band swelled to a quartet in January of 2003 with the addition of bassist Max, also known as 'Bane' from HOW LIKE A WINTER ( an atmospheric gothic doom band under the American label Martyr Music Group) and from LEPROSY. As such, Mark Evil switched over to rhythm guitar.

“Land of doom” has got a good response in reviews and ratings by people and PLANAR EVIL was appointed best Italian Thrash Metal band of 2003 on NERO OPACO METAL AWARDS 2003.

Amilcare supersed Rob on drums in November 2004. Further changes in May 2005 saw Gabriele replaced by Antonio.

In 2007 Planar Evil are included in the THRASH METAL encyclopedia by Garry Scarpe-Young for Zonda Books ( and began an intensive live activity. During 2008 they have recorded the first full length album “MANKIND WAY OF LIVE”, composed by 12 tracks of old school thrash metal, recorded and mixed at TEMPLE OF NOISE STUDIOS ( Rome ) and under the promotion of ITALIAN THRASH ATTACK ( Quelle: - Land Of Doom (Demo)

2008 - Mankind Way Of Life


Mankind Way Of Life - Cover
Seit ihrer Gründung im Jahr 2000 hat diese italienische Thrash Metal-Formation erst ein Demo („Land Of Doom“ von 2002) aufgenommen, dem nun, gut sechs Jahre später, das Debütalbum „M