BiografieStanislaw Wolonciej was born in 1986 in Bielsko-Biala, Poland. His father was a bass player in the band Fatum when the father was in his 20s. Music has always been present in Stan's home. Everything began when he was eight. His parents wanted him to take piano lessons, which he did for about four years. Then his brother Thomas Wolonciej, who had the same piano teacher (Piotr Morawski), started playing the guitar in a band with his school friends. It was some kind of punk-metal-shit-rock. The bass player, Paul Andruchowycz, brought a small and very old drum kit to their garage. So from time to time Stan could play on that instrument. The guy who played with his brother's band, Michal Borowski, left them, so they let Stan enter this “huge enterprise” to be their drummer. After couple of weeks they had a name, Local Celebrity. They did two shows. There were more and more changes in their line-up. Paul Andruchowycz was soon replaced by Paul Gawlowski. After that they changed the name of the band to NeWBReeD. This project is still Stan’s main band. People come and people go... They played with Thomas and Andy Czul from Anima Vilis, Peter Bialkowski from Lady Temptress, Simon Fiuk and Adam Semla who are present members of the band. They played a huge number of live gigs. Through the years they have recorded a lot of stuff: Solitary (2000), The NeW Way of Human Existence (2002), Lost (2003), If I Were the Rain... (2005), and Child of the Sun (2007). After the recording of their first “official” release, The NeW Way of Human Existence, Stanley started to record using his little equipment. With that album they had their first press notices and first record deal. NeWBReeD is still an active live act. Now they are signed with Insanity Records. (You can get their last CD, Child of the Sun, via some great companies, such as Laser’s Edge or Nightmare Records around the world.) After years of recording other projects such as Dream System and Spacebrain, Stan decided to make his home studio and he called it 213 Studio. Beside playing drums he was always fascinated by playing other instruments. A guitar has always been present in Stan’s home. When he met Andy Czul (ex-NeWBReeD) he was blown away when he saw Andy’s bass playing techniques. He tried to do the same. In the years when they played with the Czul brothers their band made the biggest progress. He started listening to jazz then, and he thought that it is the best method of musical expression. It was very progressive. But there was a moment when he realized that jazz is not his music. Every music style has some good and bad sides... He was always open minded towards music, so that’s probably the reason why there are so many projects he did with his brother, like Shit Happened, Angerpath, and Brutally Awful Coffee. One time, in the summer of 2005, he decided to record some songs, but when he started, it became a bigger thing than he thought. He did seven songs, and the Pestilence cover tune “Multiple Beings.” He felt he could express himself a bit, because he played drums, guitars, bass, keyboards, recorded all of the vocal tracks, and produced everything in his little studio. The cover art was also done by him. The only thing that somebody else contributed was lyrics for the album, which were written by his brother Thomas (singer, guitarist of NeWBReeD). He wanted the project, called Egoist, to be a mixture of the progressive, rhythmic, arythmic and melodic with some electronic elements—everything he likes. The record company, which wanted to release the album Egoist—Dead eGG was the Russian label MagikArt Entertainment. The album didn’t came out, however, and nobody knows the reasons... One of the really cool things that he could have, but never did, was take part in the makings of the debut album from C-187, together with Patrick Mameli (ex-Pestilence) who is his old-time hero. Patrick wanted him to do the album, but in the end Sean Reinert (Cynic, Death) did the drums. In the summer of 2008 he decided to make a new piece of art. After months of changing equipment, customizing his guitar and drums, and recording ideas on pocket PCs he started the sessions for Ultra-Selfish Revolution. It took about a month and a half. In the late phase of recordings Stan asked Patrick Mameli if he could do the solo for one of two songs, “These Strange Things” and “/Not/ The End.” Patrick recorded two solos for both songs. After that, Stan finished the mastering, and the album were ready to release. The music is a little more aggressive, much more alternative, and less progressive than what Stan had worked ... A Polish label from Biala Podlaska called Selfmadegod contacted Stan, and told him that they are interested. In December he signed the deal. Stan is constantly musically active. And there will be much more collaborations and new projects with really fresh music. Stay tuned, and explore his musical point of view. Quelle: www


Ultra-Selfish Revolution - Cover
Hinter EGOIST steckt mit Stanislaw Wolonciej nur ein einziger Mann, das Ganze ist also ein Soloprojekt. Erinnerungen an schlechte Black Metal-Projekte werden wach, die es im Dutzend billiger gibt.