Grave Robber

by Gast
BiografiePredetermined in the mind of The Reanimator at The Void, Grave Robber was unleashed upon an unsuspecting, pre-apocalyptic Earth, A.D. 2005.

As wounded and mutilated souls suffering curses unfathomable, death was their eternal verdict. Once submitting to The Reanimator as their Master, inviting The Ghost to indwell within them, and electing to die to themselves, the zombie slaves escaped the clutches of the grave.

Now, these devil's rejects arm themselves with sonic, vibratory executions and images of horrific realities, bringing an onslaught of sound and warning that will ring into eternity. Rest assured, you will be afraid. You will be very afraid.

Fans of The Misfits, Alice Cooper, Type O Negative, Gwar, Kiss, Danzig, and Rob Zombie will find themselves feeling as though they strolling in familiar musical history, yet simultaneously wading through a dense mire of uncharted territory. There’s nothing more terrifying than the unknown. Grave Robber is the one band that can hold your hand on a decidedly horrifying romp, leading you safely to the other side.Quelle: - Be Afraid

2009 - Inner Sanctum


Be Afraid - Cover
Bei Erstbetrachtung der aktuellen Scheibe von GRAVE ROBBER könnte man fast meinen, irgendeine beleibige Death Metal Kapelle würde hier erneut das bereits mehr als hundertfach ausgelutschte Knochengerü
Inner Sanctum - Cover
Obwohl sich dieses Quartett aus Indiana/USA schon 2005 gegründet hat und sowohl auf dem Coverartwork seines neuen Albums „Inner Sanctum“ wie auch auf den Bandfotos die Brutalokapelle gibt,