Dear metal maniacs! Please fasten your seatbelts and watch your jaws drop – the following info will be unbelievable as well as unexpected!

Without saying a word the music of HACKNEYED tells enough already – modern death metal with its very own flavour that shows the technical abilities as well as the tribute they pay to the legends of the genre. The sound of the band will not only appeal to death metal heads but also fascinate the whole extreme metal scene. Hilarious drumming with machine gun like snare attacks that will put a smile on the face of every fan of grindcore as well as perfect groove bombs that unerringly hit the listeners knees. In addition to this the band offers impressively skilled brutal guitar dual power and a shouter that convinces vocalwise as well as on stage.

Even if „Death Prevails“ marks the bands debut release, they’re already far from what is called verse-chrosus-verse caboodle. Also the band crops up on stage so smoothly like they never did anything else before than rocking the crap out of their crowd while hitting the stage real hard.

Let’s get back to the above mentioned dropped jaws: HACKNEYED exists for one year now playing their first show mid 2007.

The boys do not only able to handle the particular instrument they play within the band very well, they also are able to play the instruments of their compagnons without any problems. So did Drummer Tim for example when he recorded some of the guitar tracks while their time in the studio.

Now listen up: the average age of the bands members is just 16 years! Let me stress this again: SIXTEEN YEARS! Also one of the guitarists is just 14 years old!!!

This band will have to be brought to their own shows by older friends etc. for quite some time but aside to that they just pull over and drive on the fast lane when it comes to showing other bands as well as the main part of the scene, what’s really up!

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2008 Death Prevails




Carnival Cadavre - Cover
HACKNEYED waren mal eine der jüngsten Bands, die jemals bei Nuclear Blast unter Vertrag standen, beim Debütalbum anno 2008 waren die meisten gerade mal 16 Jahre alt.