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Dawn Of Solace was an unborn twin to Before The Dawn until I started the writing process for the 3rd BTD album "The Ghost". With over 30 written songs it was clear to me that one normal album would not be enough.

First plan was to make a double album for BTD but some of the material was slower, more melodic and darker than the songs I had chosen for "The Ghost" and I wanted to take that a bit further without any limitations that BTD might create since I have a very clear vision what I want BTD to sound now and in the future.

Dawn Of Solace was born not to compete with Before The Dawn but to complete what I needed to say with notes and words. DOS is like the darker side of me. Both bands reflect my heart, soul and thoughts but DOS goes deeper to my darkness, one minute beyond 4:17 am and creates a reflection to the ghost of me.

I had two awesome talents helping me to complete "The Darkness". Lars Eikind in clean vocals (appears also in new BTD album and live line up) and Jukka Salovaara in backing and screaming vocals and on solo of "I was Never There".

Both bands will have the future of their own and will continue as a solo projects of mine and new material is written for both of them and I hope to enter the studio before end of 2006. Stage line up for DOS is almost completed and gigs will be performed sometime in the future.

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2008     The Darkness

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Dawn Of Solace

Eine düstere Eleganz wohnt dem Album inne
The Darkness - Cover
Finnische Musik für traurige Leute: Tuomas Saukkonen (Before The Dawn) macht es uns hier ein wenig düsterer als bei seiner Hauptband.