DHG, subverting the cultural psyche since 1994. The monstrous affair rendered through affixing the anti-consumist pop propagrandiose Kronet Til Konge (crafted by the terrible three: Vicotnik, Aldrahn and Fenriz).

After recycling and changing curious parts of the anatomy, the unfashionable debut saw its follow up a year later. With this second sonic piece of degeneration, we saw DHG shifting their fiendish behavior. The pickled remains of old indulgence (Inspirations),was brought up from the cellar floor and engineered into the second supervillain called Monumental Possession, (crafted by the fab four: Vicotnik, Aldrahn, Apollyon, and Alver).

In the year 1998, DHG took the switch to the more sordid and vile. The vile delinquents (DHG),sought to transform their unspeakable acts into the audial equivalent of psychotic behavior. Thus Satanic Art was uncovered, wrapped in plastic, (crafted by the sordid six: Vicotnik, Aldrahn, Apollyon, Cerberus, Magic/Logic and Galder).

The following year, DHG graduated into uncharted territory. While maintaining last years psychosis, the unpleasant presence of schizophrenia was added to the musical profile. 1999´s 666 International would be DHG´s last assault for a long time, and following its release, came 8 years of silence. Lurid tales tell of accidents, incarceration, perversion and daily deprivation, (crafted by the filthy five: Vicotnik, Aldrahn, Apollyon, Czral and Magic/Logic).

2007 marks the return of the mongos with their unmistakable devilish tunes carved on vinyl and plastic. Supervillain Outcast, is most correctly summed up as a metamorphosis of all their previous works, (crafted by the vile five: Vicotnik, Kvohst, Czral, Thrawn and Clandestine).

Join the supervillains on their odyssey through the galactic underworld.


2023     Black Medium Current

2015     A Umbra Omega

2007     Supervillain Outcast

1999     666 International

1999     Kronet Til Konge

1999     Monumental Possession

1998     Satanic Art




Supervillain Outcast - Cover
Kommt Zeit, kommt Änderung. Aus DØDHEIMSGARD wurde DHG, aus Black Metal, Avantgarde Black Metal.