The band was formed in 2002 when John Steen (The King), Ulrik Bostedt ( Speedo) and Tony Samuelsson (The Vicar) spent a high school exchange year in Colorado, USA. Ditching classes, drinking beer and playing rock n roll in the garage worked out pretty fine for the three young fellas. The first vinyl ep “Marvellous” was released through the small NY based label “New York Powerhitters” and the band got airtime on several college radio stations before they left USA and returned to Sweden with lousy grades, but high spirits. Two other vinyl eps (Heroine Tracks, Bedlam
at the embassy)were released the following years through Swedish indie labels. The first album, titled “Five Smell City” after their hometown Linköping (known locally as the city of five smells ) was followed by a ep with cover tracks (Unleashed) ranging from Bon Jovi, Parliament, KISS and Robyn. Constant touring and airplay has helped the band building a very loyal fanbase in Europe. And the second album “Thunderblood Heart” took the band to a new level in 2007.

During the all these years Märvel has gone through some changes. The earlier records shows a band in superhero costumes, and the members called themselves “Vocalo, The Ambassador and Animalizer”. These alter egos have been abandoned in favor of “The King, The Vicar and Speedo”.
New times sometimes need new personas. Since the bassist Ulrik Bostedt (Speedo) isn’t allowed to cross the Swedish borders another character, The Aviator, has taken his place on tour abroad and recently a third bassist , The Burgher has joined the band. Märvel don´t believe in replacing members, they add members. So for those who are counting, Märvel is a power trio with five members.

In 2009 Märvel released a single sided one track vinyl 7” titled “A Pyrrhic Victory” and early in 2011 it was time for the third album “Warhawks Of War” with guests such as Dregen (Backyard Babies) and Robert Dahlqvist (Hellacopters) followed by yet another tour through Europe and 23 weeks of rotation on national Swedish radio (P3).

Warhawks Of War features a more versatile sound without losing the bands roots in high energy rock n roll. The twelve tracks ranges from soft almost caressing slaps on the cheek to fully forced knuckle punches straight to the nose. Märvels music has been described as sweaty group sex with The Hellacopters, Turbonegro and Electric Six at a KISS-themed childrens party. Throw some 60s soul and 80s metal (the good kind) in the mix and you are getting pretty close to the truth. Märvel consists of The King, The Vicar and The Burgher whose masked live performances have earned the band a steady growing, very loyal, fanbase with an Army of fan clubs in 11 countries all over the world.

Following the success of Warhawks Of War MÄRVEL also played clubs (Debaser Slussen, Debaser Malmö, Sticky Fingers etc.) all over Sweden in 2011 and finished off that year with supporting Michael Monroe at a big new years eve party in Helsinki, Finland.

June 1:st 2012 they released another 7” with the track METALHEAD on side A that quickly got good rotation on US college radio stations and they also performed at the Muskelrock festival in Sweden in May. The summer of 2012 will be ended with a gig at the Skogsröjet festival in Sweden.

And yes. The band i currently working hard on album number four.

John Steen AKA Vocalo AKA The King - Guitar, Vocals
Ulrik Bostedt AKA Animalizer AKA Speedo - Bass
Ulrik Bostedt AKA The Aviator - Bass
Ulrik Bostedt AKA The Burgher - Bass
Tony Samuelsson AKA Ambassador AKA The Vicar - Drums


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Hadal Zone Express - Cover
Von den seltsamen Verkleidungen und Masken, die MÄRVEL gerne tragen, sollte man sich nicht abschrecken und auch nicht in die Irre führen lassen.