Casey Jones

BiografieCasey Jones is made up of a turd, three scientists, and a monster turd driver. Every summer, and sometimes in between, the band ditches their jobs at smoothie bars and skate shops and crams eight boxes of merch, some equipment, and a few sleeping bags into their shitty van and hits the road. With frequent stops at Dairy Queen, and what seems like endless stops at Taco Bell, the band makes their way across the country with other bands such as Kids Like us, and Embrace Today fueled only by Chevron Dogs and Crunch Wraps. Not once does Casey Jones take any show for granted. Just like everyone else the show is a vacation from the stress of jobs and school; and tour, unlike many bands, is exactly the opposite of work. The shows are intense, energetic, but most importantly fun. Keep checking back for more info of the new record The Messenger, out June 6th, 2006 on eulogy records.Quelle: The Messenger


The Messenger - Cover
Der Plattentitel passt mal wie die Faust aufs Auge: CASEY JONES verstehen sich als Sprachroh der Edger-Bewegung oder wie es beim Infoschreiben heißt: "Straght Edge will be a alive as long as Casey Jon