Biografie"Splitter is a band that reflects the dark side of the false and dirty society we reside in"

The whole idea behind Splitter was founded around christmas in 2003 by Thimmy, Fredrik and Oskar.
It all started like a joke, a lot of talk but no action.
After some time they decided to make it happen and to give it 100%.

The songwriting, especially the writing of lyrics was exceeding in early springtime 2004.
A bunch of songs were composed and the bassplayer Thomas became a fulltime member.

Now it was time to promote Splitter. Make ourselves heard in all possible ways such as MP3s, live performances, magazines and so on.

Splitter chose seven songs and entered a studio in Hässelby in late spring 2004 with Kristian Niemann from Therion as producer.

The result was outstanding!

Splitter made three live performances before the last piece was put to the puzzle, a second guitarplayer, - Niklas - Later, Thomas left the band and a new member - Mattias - joined Splitter for a couple of gigs.

Even Mattias left the band with a short story behind.
Finally, - Fredrik -, a ripping bassplayer from Uppsala became the fulltime bassplayer in Splitter.

Now Splitter is on a mission to bring brutal music to you out there. We´ll see you soon!
Quelle: En Sorglig Historia EP

2004 Vardagsångest EP

2004 Stundens chockerande intryck EP


Avskräckande Exemplar - Cover
Schön einen auf die Fresse von SPLITTER. "Avskräckande Exemplar" ist eine feine Grind-Scheibe, die der letzten EP der Schweden in nix nachsteht und Geprügel auf hohem Niveau bietet.
En Sorglig Historia EP  - Cover
SPLITTER könnte ein neues Synonym für "brutal" werden. der Schwedenhaufen geht auf seiner dritten EP dermaßen brachial zu Werke, dass kein Stein auf dem anderen bleibt.