Emergency Gate

BiografieIn 2005 the name Emergency Gate was heard for the first time.

Not long after that the young band, with high musical potential, produced their first professional album "Nightly Ray" together with Spike Streefkerk (Mellissa Etheridge, Def Leppard, Phil Collins etc.). Metal Heart Magazine titled even the roughmix itself as "Album of the month". That way no less label than TEC/Universal became attentive to Emergency Gate, got in touch with them and took them under contract.

At first "Nightly Ray" has been released in the middle of 2006 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and the U.S.A. And it was possible for the five musicians to climb the top of the heavy-radio-charts in Benelux for one time!
Certainly, short after the release of "Nightly Ray", drummer Stefan Paster left the band. However the missing piece of that puzzle was soon replaced by ex-Stormhammer drummer Chris "the machine" Widmann.

Soon after that, Emergency Gate went on tour with the Danish-Combo "Mercenary" and closed endorsement contracts among others with names like: Ernie Ball, SAD, Schecter Guitar Research and Agner Drumsticks.

At the end of 2007, the band received a call from their label, in which they let them know, it won't be possible for TEC to release with Universal anymore and therefore the band is free from their contract.

After really good cooperation with this label, it was really a hard hit for Emergency Gate.

Founder member, singer and guitarist Fabian "Cem" Kießling also quit because of private matters. Now it was unclear, how the band should go on.

The remaining musicians broke their heads by thinking about a resolution of this situation. It was obvious, every member was more than crazy about reaching new horizons and to create something new and different. Guitarist Vlad worked madly, day and night, on new material in agreement with Mario. Even without a singer and without knowing how everything will go on, the band booked time in Munich's Dreamscape-Studios, to record and work on new material.

Almost by completing the instrumental part, Mario went as a FOH-Engineer of the supports for the Symphony X "Paradise Lost"-Tour on the road. This way it happened on the second tour-day in Cologne: Mario met Matthias Kupka (ex Suidakra). Right in the first moment it was absolutely clear, the last missing piece needed to create something very magnificent, so important for the rising of the band, was found! The final recordings with Matthias started even in the beginning of March 2008.

Not long after searching for a new label, the band chose a young upcoming one, Silverwolf Productions, to make their newest Masterpiece "ReWake" public. The self made studio-video was well received by their fans, with so much enthusiasm, wich will be the reason thousands of viewes on youtube.

Last but not least, Emergency Gate will go along with "Kreator" on their upcoming tour, starting the same day as their new album "Rewake" will be released. Quelle: - Nightly Ray

2009 - Rewake


Rewake - Cover
Die deutschen Thrasher EMERGENCY GATE, die soeben eine Tour als Support von KREATOR begonnen haben, haben durch den Einstieg des ehemaligen SUIDAKRA-Fronters Matthias Kupka (der hier einen sehr hörens
You - Cover
EMERCENCY GATE aus den bayrischen Landen sind bereits seit 1995 in wechselnder Besetzung am Start und durften in 2006 ihr Label-Debüt geben („Nightly Ray“).