BiografieAfter been the drummer of the great black metal band CONQUEST/GROTESQUE (which now is widely known) I got into magick and Satanism. Satan was an interesting philosophy for me a while, but didn´t bring all the aspects that I was looking for at the time. From the old fashion "Necronomicon" book to witchcraft to Chaos-theory, I ended up entangled in nature mysticism and old folklore. Myself and my brothers (whom participates on songs like "Bærghet" and "Gangar for Raþan Vinder") have strolled in deep forests, stood on mountains under the night´s northern lights, sacrificed et cetera, in search for our true nature, realities and deities. And we found Pan - great god of nature. After years, I and my brother Sataros started a death metal band called ABSORPTION. We went on for a while but never found the real sound (probably because we sucked.) We renamed the band to DISENTERMENT and found a new guitarist named Basse. The trio recorded a demo, which is unreleased to this day. We had around twenty gigs, with Unleashed and Unanimated to name a few. DISENTERMENT died in 1993. During the ending process of DISENTERMENT I got deep into black metal (again), and started a one-man project, ARCKANUM. 1992 I was on my way to the climax of magical worlds and I had a new vision about which path I was born under, and I was very displeased with the world that I was living in. I wanted to found new thoughts for lost soldiers, to point out the direction to a world of Chaos -where Pan sits upon the throne and spread Chaotic freedom to the free-thinking soldiers who do not accept to be controlled and enslaved by others, and not be able to rule over their own lives. So I started the band ARCKANUM to spread the message of Chaos. First I lone Sataros from Sartaros Grief and Loke Svarteld to join the band because I didn´t think I could pull it through myself. But after the first demo "Demo-93", I continued by my own. And the only reason for why I continued by myself, was that, after a while practicing all instruments, I found out to be able to perform all, including vocals, by myself. And I recorded the second demo "Trulen" in 1994, which sold pretty good and it got some good words too. Later on the black magical path of Pan led me deeper into Satanism and eventually to gnosis of Chaos-Gnosticism. This made a huge new path for ARCKANUM and me, and the new anti-cosmic and satanic creations of ARCKANUM were made, for example "Boka Vm Kaos" and "Kaos Svarta Mar". I like it simple, fast and esoteric, and I think it fits better with the ancient tongue, therefore I chose to write all lyrics in ancient Swedish. The music itself is some kind of Black/Death Metal with lots of influences from the 80´s - when music was good! I do not try to perform as complex and adept as possible; because I think that my music style shall be dirty & thrashing.Quelle: - Rehearsal 1993 (Demo)

1993 - Demo 1993 (Demo)

1994 - Trulen (Demo)

1994 - Rehearsal 1994 (Demo)

1995 - Fran Marder

1997 - Kostogher

1998 - Kampen

2002 - Boka Vm Kaos (EP)

2003 - Kosmos Wardhin Dræpas Om Sin/Emptiness Enthralls (Split)

2004 - Kaos Svarta Mar/Skinning The Lambs (Split)

2004 - The 11 Year Anniversary Album (Compilation)

2008 - Antikosmos (EP)

2008 - Grimalkinz Skaldi (EP)

2008 - Antikosmos

2008 - Arckanum/Sataros Grief (Split)


2009 - Þyrmir (EP)

2010 - Sviga Læ

2011 - Helvítismyrkr


Helvítismyrkr - Cover
Das schwedische Ein-Mann-Kommando ARCKANUM meldet sich mit einem neuen Album zurück, das wieder ganz im Zeichen hoher Qualität steht, nachdem die vergangenen Werke des Herrn Shamaatae oftmals auf gete
Trulen - Cover
Bei ARCKANUM treibt sich der ehemalige Schlagzeuger der coolen GROTESQUE herum, mittlerweile schon seit mehr als einer Dekade.