BiografieManngard leave their native shores of Norway armed with debut album "Circling Buzzards", ready to conquer. This ruthless chunk of death metal is delivered with uncompromising Slayer-like aggression, featuring a guest appearance from Grutle Kjellson of Enslaved.

The lyrical concept on Circling Buzzards is inspired by the works of American novelist William Faulkner. A family living on a farm at the back of beyond in the American
Mid-West, are driven to monstrosities by a tyrant father. Travellers passing by tend to disappear, and rumours have it they end up in a nearby quagmire.

Manngard has a history of live appearances from all the biggest Norwegian cities. The band has performed twice at "Hole In The Sky" heavy metal fest of Bergen (, latest in 2005, and played as supporting act for reknowned Norwegian metallers Red

Quelle: - European Cowards

2006 - Circling Buzzards

2002 - Manngard (EP)



Circling Buzzards - Cover
Norwegens MANNGARD sind eine weitere Band aus dem Land der Fjorde, die sich nicht dem Black Metal verschrieben haben, sondern die Freuden des Death Metals für sich entdeckt haben.
European Cowards - Cover
Die Norweger MANNGARD mussten für ihr Debüt "Circling Buzzards" ordentlich Schelte einstecken, denn zu undurchsichtig und unausgegoren war ihr Stilmix aus Black- und Death Metal und allerlei modernen