Minus 45 Degrees

BiografieMinus45degreeS is the latest musical inferno to blaze out of the crackling ember that blackens and burns the dark underbelly of Ancient Europe’s extreme counterculture. There’s something in the air, in the soil, in the water, within Belgium that continually gives birth to the most pulverizing metallic hardcore behemoths the world has ever known, like Aborted, Leng Tch’e,… and now Minus45degreeS!

Born in the winter of 1999, Minus45degreeS quickly garnered local acclaim by playing ferocious shows in every basement, bar and club they could find. Soon after their conception, the band started playing shows with influential bands such as Zao, Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, etc... Thereby not only exposing themselves to larger audiences, but also turning heads everywhere they went. After signing to Fuel Music, Minus45degreeS headed on European tours with stalwarts like Norma Jean and Sepultura, but while working on the pre-production of their debut album, Fuel Music went bankrupt…

Just when the future started to seem grimmer than ever, the prominent label Genet Records stepped up and offered to join hands. Drawing inspiration from a spectrum of musical predecessors, the band found itself producing a compendium of musical tastes and talents, fusing a genuine and infectious hardcore attitude with meticulously crafted guitar work, categorised under the moniker mathcore. In this process, Minus45degreeS discovered the way to combine their passion for music, resulting in refined yet powerful, inventive yet distinct, and at times chaotic, then soothing music, portraying a mirror of their personalities. With bizarre chord progressions and relentless rhythmic underscores, the band coalesce musical stylings comparable to A Perfect Circle and Converge. Their inventive, avant-garde originality combined with genre defining vocals, is an endeavour to catapult the stagnant metalcore scene to the next level.

Minus45degreeS took a break from playing live to focus on creating their debut album for Genet. “Mute” was recorded by ex-Ostrogoth and Mystery vocalist Peter De Wint, who has previously worked for acts like Terra Nova, Vengeance, Harem Scarem and Glenn Hughes. The band´s compositions are meticulously dynamic, paying as much attention to deft nuance and fluid transition as much as being high velocity displays of brute force. The end result is a relentless fusion of post-everything virtuosity that leaves behind the charred remains of convention and sterility with a scorched earth policy of progression, aggression and perpetual motion.

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Mute - Cover
Eine rasante emotionale Berg- und Talfahrt haben die Newcomer MINUS 45 DEGREES auf ihr Genet-Debüt "Mute" gebrannt.