BiografieDRYROT was formed in 1990 in their original line-up. Since then, countless gigs were played among others with bands like Ill Nino, Napalm Death; Diecast; Kataklysm; Graveworm, Eminence, Crosscut, Crowbar, Hate Squad, Destruction, Schweisser, Farmer Boys, Gurd, Thumb and Blackeyed Blonde and many more. The original line-up and the music style have undertaken some changes.

If comparable to other bands, DRYROT sounds similar to Machine Head, Sevendust, Prong, Hatebreed that they deserve just as much attention is due to the high standard of their material and their professional way of working in the studio and live performances.
Their music is a synthesis of different elements with heaviness as common basis. DRYROT’s strength is definitely their energy – open for any kinds of influences, without ever loosing orientation for playing music sounding fresh, heavy and modern (live shows with Ill Nino, Destruction, Gurd, Farmer Boys, Disbelief and many more). They have been placed on compilation-CD’s in magazines, such as “Bullet in the Head 1-Sampler” and reviews in music magazines like Rock Hard, Metal Hammer, Sonic Seducer, Eternity, Boot Murder News and many more. Local radio stations have supported them from the beginning on and what used to be local-support has become international.

The recordings for their self-titled debut-CD were finished in February 1999 and was released through SubZero Records/ZYX. It included a cover version from the song “Message in a Bottle” from The Police (4 weeks later, a band called Machine Head released the same song…). In 2001 the band released a single with another cover version “Daylight”, sold over 1500 times! (2 weeks later, a band called Audiosmog released the same song…..). dryrot recorded new three track Promo (proud 2 be sick) in early 2002 and it was sold over 2000 times. 2003 dryrot released a five Track Promo with brand new tracks. In 2004 dryrot released another Promo CD with songs from the new CD "God(s)eyze" on it. The newest CD"God(s)eyze" are released in Juli 2005. This year (2005), dryrot celebrate their birthday: 15 years of dryrot!!!

Never really having any professional support, the band developed an insight to what’s important in the business; creative potential, an incredible live performance and a professional attitude. They want to work with a company believing in them as much as they do; they are ready to promote their music and willing to work hard to achieve a successful goal.Underdog
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Tel: +49 (0)9131 924500
Anschrift91088 Bubenreuth
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God(s)Eyze - Cover
Cool, DRYROT haben vor Jahren mal "Daylight” von den NO ANGELS gecovert, da haben die Bayern gleich einen Stein im Brett bei mir, ich alter NO ANGELS-Fan, ich.