BiografieThe amazing artwork from the self-titled debut album "Wintersun", courtesy of Necrolord already gives you a hint where this act might come from, exactly, Finland! Hailing from the land of the thousand lakes where the winters are long and cold, WINTERSUN is the new project of singer and multi instrumentalist Jari Mäenpäa, who recently left his former band ENSIFERUM.

Powerful and majestic with a lot of energy, the music of WINTERSUN mainly flows with great melodies influenced by folk and Scandinavian traditional music. If you enjoy bands like AMORPHIS (in their early days), CHILDREN OF BODOM, FINNTROLL or ENSIFERUM, "Wintersun" is the right choice for you! Lyrically the album deals with mastermind Jari´s life, feelings, emotions, hallucinations and dreams, facts that make the record a very personal piece of work.

Beside Jari, drummer Kai Hahto from the Finish Grindcore/Death Metal band ROTTEN SOUND playes on "Wintersun" and provided the album with a hellish pummelling in all of the right parts. The rest – vocals, guitars, bass and programming – was done completely by the perfectionist Mäenpäa. They both managed to create a diversified song spectrum from speed metal tracks over heavy guitar tracks to bombastic mid tempo opuses. While fast songs like opener ´Beyond The Dark Sun´ and ´Winter Madness´ stress out the high technical abilities of WINTERSUN, epic songs with big choruses like ´Sleeping Stars´ and ´Death And The Healing´ show the unique feeling of Jari for emotional and melancholic melodies. The vocals always fit perfectly to the present mood – Jari masters everything, no matter if you take melodic clean vocals, brutal screams or Viking-like chants.

Currently WINTERSUN are searching for band members to be able to play live concerts. And you can be sure: As soon as Jari and Kai have completed their line-up, you´ll get a pure feast of Finish Metal also on stage!

WINTERSUN is epic Melodic Death Metal once more over the top! Quelle: www


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