Six Reasons To Kill

BiografieSix Reasons To Kill was founded in Koblenz in February 1999. The band recorded a 6-track demo five months later that lead to a deal with ALVERAN RECORDS and HOWLING BULL RECORDS (for the territory of Japan). In early 2000 Six Reasons To Kill released their debut full-length CD entitled »Kiss The Demon«.

In 2001 the Band joined forces with Germany’s ABSIDIA to release a split-CD. »Morphology Of Fear« got released in March 2002.

On a small tour with vegan straight edge metal heroes xDEADLOCKx the idea was born to put all energy into a second split CD. The simply »Split« entitled CD reached the light of day in July 2003 and the first press was sold out within 3 months.

With new members and new influences the Band recorded their second Album »Reborn« highly motivated in the Kohlekellerstudios in March 2005. The album will be released July 18th 2005.

The experience in live shows grew within the years while Six Reasons To Kill played countless shows, festivals and tours throughout Europe with bands from both sides, the Metal- and the Hardcore scene such as Hatebreed (Tour 2001), Hellchild (Tour 1999), Bleeding Through, God Forbid, Testament, Shadows Fall, Morning Again, Vader, Caliban, Napalm Death, Rage, Heaven Shall Burn, Strife and many other Bands.

Due to the change of members in Six Reasons To Kill (Patrick and Marco to CALIBAN, Stefan to DEADSOIL) the sound changed from the steam-roller-meets-Hatebreed sound of the first album »Kiss The Demon« to a more melodic and Thrash-influenced sound of »Reborn«. Nevertheless the energy continues to be on an excessive level.Quelle: Reborn



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Montag 08.08.2005
Gitarrist Marco zeigt sich hochzufrieden mit der neuen SIX REASONS TO KILL-Platte "Reborn", wozu er meiner Meinung auch allen Grund hat. Über die Wechsel im Line-Up, die leidige Frage "Metalcore oder nicht?" und ein Leben auf Tour stand er per email Rede und Antwort.


Another Horizon - Cover
Mit neuem Frontmann haben SIX REASONS TO KILL „Another Horizon“ eingespielt – und Thorsten zeigt gleich im Opener „Observer“, was in seiner Stimme steckt.
Reborn - Cover
"Reborn" kann man als durchaus passenden Titel ansehen, mussten SIX REASONS TO KILL doch vor den Aufnahmen drei Leute ersetzen, die zu DEADSOIL und CALIBAN abgewandert waren.
We Are Ghosts - Cover
SIX REASONS TO KILL sind das Paradebeispiel einer hart arbeitenden deutschen Metalcoreband, die jetzt nach und nach die Früchte ernten kann.