On Broken Wings

BiografieThis Boston 5-piece formed in early 2001 and have been compared to groups like Converge, Poison The Well, Every Time I Die, Eighteen Visions and Glassjaw. On Broken Wings create a mood of hostility and despair with their self-labeled brand of "mosh-metal." What sets OBW apart from the pack is the atmosphere which haunts each song, punctuated by vocalist Jonathan´s range. In one moment, Jonathan is the growling demon in your head, while in the next he is showing off his surprisingly sensitive singing voice. OBW has spent the last 3 years making a name for themselves on the road with their chaotic live show, and still blow away the competition with their soul crushing heaviness.Quelle: - It´s All A Long Goodbye


Going Down - Cover
"Going Down" ist kein komplett neues Album der Bostoner Mosh-Crew, sondern hat neben vier neuen Tracks auch sechs alte zu bieten, die bisher nur auf der ersten EP der Combo zu haben waren.
It´s All A Long Goodbye - Cover
Soso, "Mosh Metal” nennt diese Bostoner Formation ihren Stil; das hatten wir auch noch nicht.