Deadly Tide

BiografieThey started 3 years ago and immediately they write the first demo CD called "Don´t rock". Soon they succeed in playing some shows with important artist like Francesco Gualerzi (Nomadi´s ex singer) and to the Festival of Val di Susa.
In the same year they participate to Rock Targato Italy, arriving in final.
The contract arrives with Sottosopra Records but soon the same failed… the band ends to be without CD and without a penny. The desperation and the disappointment have started to create contrasts in the band, for which they decide to go where the rock was born: to Los Angeles.
The disastrous conditions of life and the lack of money and possibility of job make them return home.
In 2001 the line-up is revolutionized with the entry of a new guitarist and a new drummer and so they could give birth to the new Cd "The Opposite Side".
In 2002 they participate to the selections of Sanremo Rock and Trends winning the regional tour and participating to the national selections.
In the same year their second demoCD was released under the title "Blood, swet and tears (the way of rock n ´ roll)".
In the same year they participate to the contest Amorock in Benevento where they are classified to the fourth place as group and to the second place as best voice.
In December 2002 participate in the Slam!Nite festival at Transylvania Live! in Milan and to various concerts in Italy.
In April 2003 they open with a concert the exhibition of the Tuscan comedian Alessandro Paci.
In June 2003 the self-titled "Deadly Tide" demo CD is finally out.

Discografie"Don´t Rock" (CD 1999)

"The Opposite Side" (CD 2001)

"Blood, Swet and Tears - The Way Of Rock ´n´ Roll" (CD 2002)

"Deadly Tide" (CD 2003) -Underdog
KontaktFrancesco Palumbo
Tel: +039-081-932306
AnschriftPO Box 31
84015 Nocera Superioire (SA)
US-Rock from Italy.


Deadly Tide - Cover
Die Italiener haben’s versucht. Und moistens schaffen sie es nicht. So wie DEADLY TIDE, die versucht haben in LA Fuß zu fassen. Immerhin haben sie was mitgebracht: Ur-amerikanischen Stadion-Rock.