Flesh Made Sin


In June 1999 Flesh Made Sin is formed by Bjorn (guitar) and Twan (guitar and vocals) and soon Marc (bass) and Marco (drums) join in. They all shared the same goal and interest … old school Thrash Metal from the 80’s. In 1999 the first live performances take place. Flesh Made Sin is not for the slow and in May 2000 a MCD is recorded called “Scenery of Death” at Harrow Recording Studio (Asphyx, Occult). While the MCD receives good criticism worldwide Flesh Made Sin performs live with Asphyx, Darkane, The Haunted, Occult, God Dethroned and many more. In May 2002 Flesh Made Sin returns to the Harrow Studio and records another EP called “Masterwork in Blood” which shows a big progression for sure! Even with this EP a deal is not found, which surprises many people in the scene, since Flesh Made Sin is slowly becoming the scene’s best-kept secret! In May 2004 Karmageddon Media asks Flesh Made Sin to join in with a short Dismember/Callenish Circle tour in the Benelux and the band and label stay in touch afterwards. While talking goes on both parties realise that they should really give it a go, which results in recording the first full-length album titled “Dawn of The Stillborn”, once again at Harrow Studio, which is a very good studio for the old school Thrash sound of Flesh Made Sin. Thrash ‘til Death!

Quelle: of Death MCD 2000

Masterwork in Blood MCD 2002

Dawn of The Stillborn CD 2004


Dawn Of The Stillborn - Cover
Juppi, Stubbe ermittelt nicht mehr auf dem ZDF, er verdrischt mit drei anderen Holländern Felle in einer Thrash-Band. Okay. Der Nachname ist hier nicht Programm.