Lamb Of God

Biografie A Richmond, VA 5-piece, LAMB OF GOD came together in the current form in the fall of 1999. LAMB OF GOD has been around in various forms under various names since ´94, most notably Burn the Priest. The brothers, Chris and Willie, have been playing music together since ´88.

In early 2000, LAMB OF GOD were signed to Prosthetic Records and soon after (September) released the full-length CD ´New American Gospel´ to unheard-of critical and popular acclaim for a debut album. The album set ablaze a revolution within the genre and set off a relentless touring schedule over the following two years.

At the end of July, 2002 LAMB OF GOD ceased all concert appearances to complete the writing process for the highly anticipated follow up. Tracking completed in mid-December and a May 6, 2003 release date was assigned for the follow-up titled ´As The Palaces Burn´.

LAMB OF GOD has spent months and months on the road playing sold out concerts since the release of New American Gospel and this year will prove to be even more intense.

Early reviews of ´As The Palaces Burn´ are hailing it as a monumental landmark and measuring stick for all others.

LAMB OF GOD makes the music, but doesn´t do everything themselves. They´d specifically like to thank the "Black Label Crew.": Dennis Solomon, John Murden, David Allen, EJ, Dan Fitzgerald, Dusty Simmons, K3n Adams, and Judd Prather.
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Freitag 22.08.2008
LAMB OF GOD haben mit „Walk With Me In Hell“ eine Lehrstück in Sachen DVD vorgelegt - bei vier Stunden Material bleibt kein Auge trocken und keine Frage zur letzten Tour und zum letzten Album unbeantwortet. Sieht auch Bassist John Campbell so.


Sonntag 05.07.2015
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Walk With Me In Hell - Cover
LAMB OF GOD sind eine DVD-liebende Band, der Doppeldecker „Walk With Me In Hell“ ist bereits die dritte DVD der Amis.