BiografieThe band started in 1998, when Tim and I decided to record the song "Påskmust" for a local band-sampler. We liked the result a lot and formed Klabautamann. In the next months we wrote more songs and recorded our first CD "Opus Obscoenum Infernalis", which was released in November ´98. This record turned out to be rather "raw", in fact the sound was really bad. Nonetheless, some people liked it a lot, and we sold ~100 copies to friends and people from the underground (sold out).
After a period of songwriting, we started to record our second CD called "Gott schenkt Gift", which was released November ´00. The possibilities were a lot better this time, because Tim had started his own home-studio and our abilities in both playing and songwriting had approved much. The feedback for this record was really good! We had a lot of reviews and interviews and we were present on many samplers. Again, the CD had been produced and sold by ourselves. Since then we started writing songs again, recorded everything with a brilliant session drummer and just finished the mixing and mastering. Now we´re looking for a label which is interested in releasing our music.

Klabautamann is:
Tim Steffens - Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass
Florian Toyka - Electric, acoustic and 12-string Guitars, bassQuelle: http://www.klabautamann.deDiscografieOpus Obscoenum Infernalis Demo 1998

Gott schenkt Gift Demo 2000

Our Journey Through The Woods CD 2002

Der Ort CD 2005



Der Ort - Cover
Der Name ist hier definitiv nicht Programm. In herkömmlicher Schriftart ist der Klabautermann ein guter Schiffsgeist, ein unsichtbarer Kobold, der Kapitäne vor Gefahren warnt.
Merkur - Cover
Selbst ist der Mann: der Florian spielt nicht nur in einer Troika (Valborg, Woburn House, KLABAUTAMANN), sondern hat mit Zeitgeister auch gleich noch ein Label gegründet.
Our Journey Through The Woods - Cover
KLABAUTAMNN scheint es schon länger zu geben (ich nix Infozettel) und das Kind zweier Musiker zu sein, die sich für "Our Journey Through The Woods" noch die Hilfe eines Schlagzeugers sicherten, sonst