Biografie16 are:
Cris Jerue - vocals, Phil Vera - guitar, Mark Sanger - drums, Nial McGaughey - bass

First congealing as a cohesive mass in the ´90s, 16 began summarily mowing down LA´s vast contingency of stoner commandos and leftover hair bands, earning a reputation through the usual underground channels as consummate Schedule 2 professionals and unrepentant thunderfuckers of the highest order. After a handful of seven-inches (later re-released on the Scott Case CD), 16 unfurled their first-full length, the corrosive and aptly titled Curves that Kick, on Pushead´s Bacteria Sour imprint. More seven-inches and foreign-only EPs followed before the prerequisite raping and pillaging of Japan and release of their subsequent Pessimiser debut, the now-legendary Drop Out. The devastating Blaze of Incompetence came next; it proved the ultimate in industrial-strength grime distillation, leaving an ugly, purplish outbreak of bleeding eyes and swollen holes in its grueling wake.

A brief karma slump ensued, instigated by various barbiturate-related traumas and the looming specter of prior convictions, but our heroes emerged unbowed and relatively unscathed to record the songs that would become their debut, Zoloft Smile. Adhering to a strict drug regimen to keep their minds limber, 16 have extracted only the absolute cream that seeps from their amplifiers like so much manna from heaven to create the trenchant majesty that is Zoloft Smile. Tales of urban decay, domestic despair, and psychoactive supplementation provide the fodder for 16´s terminally deviant tirades and bleary narco-rhythms; indeed, all manner of carcinogen, vice and mental duress are the filters through which you´ll consume such future sludge classics as "Damone," "Aging Disgracefully" and "You´re Not My Real Dad."

This autumn, 16 will finally sodomize Europe, tearing through both the countryside and urban centers like a conquering army high on the blood of their fallen enemies. Lock up your daughters, etc.
--J.BennettQuelle: Smile (2003)
Blaze Of Incompetence
Drop Out
Curves That Kick www


Bridges To Burn - Cover
16 waren auch schon mal aktiver, der Vorgänger von „Bridges To Burn“ hat mittlerweile fünf Jahre auf dem Buckel.
Curves That Kick (Re-Release) - Cover
Relapse Records bringen die ersten beiden 16-Scheiben neu in die Läden, allerdings scheinbar ohne Überarbeitung oder Bonustracks, was „Curves That Kick“ nur für jene interessant macht, die
Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds - Cover
16 bleiben sich auf „Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds“ treu und führen den Sludge-Sound, für den sie bekannt sind, weiter.