End Of April

Biografie* Allen - Vocals * Allard - Guitar/vocals * Marcus - Guitar* Otto - Bass/vocals * Jusso - Drums

After three years of hard work, finally the moment of truth has arrived. The EP release ´Divided By Numbers´ and the full length ´If I Had A Bullet For Every One´ will be presented in 2003 to the non-suspecting audience. The Dutch label Seamiew Records (Dreadlock Pussy, Gazzoleen en Mindstab) is responsible for this musical violence.

End Of April has been founded at the end of April 1999. Tired of all problems with the German/American/ Dutch band HeadCrash, Allen, Otto and Allard decide to start a new band. A band with a new sound. A band with a mission that combines all the best of hardcore, metal and punk-rock. Soon, Marcus was embraced as 2nd guitarist. Marcus has been playing the bass since years in the punk-legends Spermbirds and is now responsible for the filthy punk-guitar-sound of End Of April. Originally, drummer Martijn Kramer also belonged to the End Of April-crew, but stepped out through an overload of activities. He was replaced at the beginning of 2003 by Jusso Whistler (known from a.o. Frozen Sun en Whistler-Courbois-Whistler).

In 2000 the first demo is recorded in the Amsterdam Yland studio´s: ´In Your Arms… Like Chains´. This 6-track-demo shows what End Of April can and wants; a fat mix between the energy of hardcore, the directness of punk and the riffs of metal. The demo is well received everywhere and End Of April plays only in 2000 already over 30 shows throughout Europe, where amongst festivals in Budapest, Graz, Paris and Hamburg. That year also the track ´Remember The Daze´ was released on the ´Nu Metal 2000´-compilation-cd (Zomba) and the track ´200%´ on the ´Unerhört´-sampler that is added to all German Rockhard magazines, circulation 60.000.

In 2001 the second demo is recorded with producer Phil Mills (Nerve). This demo shows that the band can also play mellow songs. The new songs are more developed and show a darker side of the band. In 2001, End Of April is present on a lot of stages in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy. They also play on the important Access To Amsterdam-festival, where different labels show their interest in the band.

In 2002 they did a small Benelux-tour with Linea 77 from Italy (Earache Rec.) and several gigs with Human Alert in France. Live, the band is completely convincing and sells a lot of demo´s. At the end of the year the band decides to sign with Seamiew Records for the release of their first official cd´s in the Benelux in 2003 (through Zomba/BMG). Seamiew Records is the label that is becoming well-known in the ´alternative loud music´-genre by the releases of Dreadlock Pussy (NL), Gazzoleen (B) and Mindstab (B).

In October 2002, the first recordings are taking place in the German Pro Core studio in Troisdorf Germany with producer Basti Volz. The band records over 20 tracks, that initially will be spread through two releases. The EP ´Divided By Numbers´ comes out on May the 19th and the full length ´If I Had A Bullet For Every One´ will appear later in the fall of 2003. The EP emphasizes the punkrock attitude of the band. It contains six songs, and three of them belong to the roughest ones the band ever recorded; ´Divided´, ´Venom´ and ´Deepend´. Think of a mix between Helmet and Sick Of It All.

Momentarily the CD ´If I Had A Bullet For Every One´ is getting finalized. This cd will contain twelve songs. On this CD End of April shows her more melodic side, like in the live-slammer ´Pyramid´. You hear influences of Deftones, old HeadCrash and Tool. Of course hardcore/punk influences aren´t forgotten and there are lots of heavy songs on this record. The artwork has been done by nobody less than Jason Farrell (a.o. Fugazi and At.The.Drive-In).

Besides the two releases of End Of April, 2003 will also show a substantial tour-schedule of the band. The band is well-known for its impressive and overwhelming shows. The band will be present again in France on the 24th of May at L´empreinte in Savigny-Le-Temple / Paris. More French shows to be announced soon!Quelle: http://www.endofapril.comDiscografie2003 Divided By Numbers (EP)

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Dienstag 24.02.2004
Jägermeister ist für Männer, Whisky ist für Mädchen. Sagt END OF APRIL Shouter Allen. Whisky ist für Männer, Jägermeister ist für Kopfweh sage ich. Und schon sind wir mittendrin im Beratungsgespräch für den abendlichen Alkoholkonsum, die History mit Bands die wie eine Toilette heißen und natürlich der Monstertour in diesen Monaten...


Divided By Numbers EP - Cover
Feinfein. Mannen aus Deutschland, den Niederlanden und den USA finden sich zusammmen um zu rocken.
If I Had A Bullet For Every One - Cover
Alter, was ein göttliches Brett! Aus der Asche der verflossenenSPERMBIRDS und der vergessenen HEADCRASH ist wie ein Phoenix der