BiografieAs Vladimir says; Mirrorthrone was born in June 2000, when I decided to create a more eclectic and symphonic music than what I was used to in my other projects. The first release "Of Wind and Weeping [demo]", a four-track promo demo was recorded in February 2001. A few copies were sent to magazines world wide but were not intended to be sold. After this promotion, I left Mirrorthrone aside for nearly two years, only composing from time to time...

But today, Mirrorthrone is back! After a new promotion sent to labels in December 2002, I signed a record deal with Red Stream who released in May 2003 the first official Mirrorthrone CD entitled "Of Wind and Weeping". It contains four early recordings, two pre-recoding songs [that you will find in an enhanced version on the next full-length album] and two exclusive tracks for a total of more than 50 minutes of music.
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Of Wind & Weeping - Cover
Da macht sich ein junger Schweizer mit Namen Vladimir auf, der Welt seine zweifelsohne vorhandenen instrumentalen Fähigkeiten zu präsentieren.