Dismal is an italian gothic/alternative band formed in 1995. The first album was released in November 1998 for Pagan Moon Records (Audioglobe distribuition), titled “Fiaba Lacrimevole – like a red bleeding rose in a glacial desert”. This debut album was an immediate success and soon it became a top selling album for the Label. In September 2002 Dismal signed a long term deal with Aural Music Group, co-founding Dreamcell11, a division of Aural Music in order to follow and to promote the band artistically and commercially.
Within the end of 2002 the band entered the Gulp Studio by Marco Calliari (sound engineer) to record their second cd titled “Rubino Liquido – Three Scarlet Drops…” using a 12-elements orchestra. Described as a mix of claustrophobic and essential drum parts, waltz and tango mixed with baroque and orchestral sound.
“Miele Dal Salice” is the third album released in 2006, the band dedicated a lot of time to this record, full of bizzarre and intense tones. On this new effort, Rossana Landi is the new lead singer, playing contrabass too.

After a short but intense touring around Germany and Italy, protagonists of very important festivals like the Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig and Berlin, Dismal took a break and Afelio (guitarist and male vocal) left the band due to personal reasons.
After this very long break the band decided to enter the studio again at the Punto Rec Studios by Fabrizio Argiolas (sound engineer) in 2013 to record the new album titled “Giostra di Vapore”. In this work the band has created a new sound dimension fusing electronic sound with the classical music, modern and antique meets together for a sound inspired by steampunk and industrial revolution. The lyrics of “Giostra di Vapore” are always focused on topics like social psychology, alchemy and more spiritual themes. They released 6 official videoclips and partecipate in some live and big neofolk and steampunk festival.

Dismal in the 2019 begins the composition of their fifth new concept-album “Quinta Essentia”, concluding the recording in July 2020 in the Gulp Studio by Marco Calliari (sound engineer). The band claims to have combined all their previously works, keeping their signature Gothic and theatrical sound constant. The lyrics are developed on cultural, philosophical and alchemical themes.


1996 - Our Sad Saga (Demo)

1997 - The Holy Prayer Of Shatephyn To The Mighty Blazing Ice-Sword (Demo)

1998 - Fiaba lacrimevole - Like A Red Bleeding Rose In A Glacial Desert...

2001 - Dionisiaca (EP)

2003 - Rubino liquido - Three Scarlet Drops...

2006 - Miele Dal Salice

2013 - Giostra Di Vapore

2020 - Quinta Essentia



Rubino Liquido (Three Scarlet Drop) - Cover
Ganz ohne Euphony macht sicht eine italienische Band auf den steinigen Weg die Weiten der Musik zu ergründen.