BiografieThe band was founded in October 1995 by Martin Marinèák (vocals) and Jozef Košè (guitar).

The first demo „The Embarrased“ was recorded in July 1997. It contains 6 brutal death metal songs. It was recorded by Martin (vocals), Jozef (guitar), Henrich Kova¾ (bass) and Dano Doroš (drums). This line-up existed from June ´96 to May ´98. The demo helped the band to make contact with underground as well as to play more concerts.

The second demo “Personal” was recorded in July 1999. It contains 27 minutes of death metal music. It was recorded by this line-up: Martin (vocals), Jozef (guitar), Dano (drums), Erich Gotz (bass) and Erik Miheliè (guitar). This team lived from January ’99 to May ’00. Some songs were used on compilations and the band gained stronger name in UG.

The new line up was formed in Januay 2001. Marek Stašák (drums) and Dano Kochanik (guitar) joined duo Martin and Jozef. In May 2001 the band was completed by the bassist Martin Kuko¾. This is the strongest line-up in the history of the band. Finally friendship and devotion to death metal of all members started the right direction of Perversity. New material was recorded in January 2002 and offers 8 new songs of death metal purity and 1 song “Disillusioned” (re-recorded) from the first demo. At present CD “In The Garment Of Lust” is out for you with the artwork made by the cool Deather!!!

The album release under the new French label PERENNIAL QUEST RECORDS.

The band has played more concerts and organized some live actions in their home town Prešov.

Quelle: Embarrassed (Demo 97)
Personal (Demo 99)
In The Garment Of Lust (2003)


In The Garment Of Lust - Cover
"Im Kleidungsstück der Lust” heißt die Scheibe der Perversen. Tja, was soll uns das sagen?