BiografiePoostew was founded in 2003 by vocalist Christian Veltmann (former member of Hatemate), guitarist Paul Haus and drummer Guido Panrek (former member of Vlad Tepez). Later on Thomas Schindler joined on second guitar and Tim Boersting joined on bass.

From the early beginnings in 2003 as they released a split 7" with the noise project licht-ung, to 2004 and the self-released split CD with Ripped 2 Shreds the band evolved their own sound. What started as rough straight grindcore became to a sophisticated mixture of brutal grindcore, infernal death metal and well-placed harmonies as well as they never forget about their hardcore origin.

In the beginning of 2005 the band finally had a proper line-up and immediately recorded 14 songs together with Dirk Kusche at the Kuschelrock Studios (Systral, Mörser, Acme) which were supposed to become their debut full length album "Struggle". The effort was released in May 2005 by newly found Morde Chai Records and their unique brand already grip the attention of major magazines and brought them raving reviews. In March ´05 the band toured throughout Denmark and later that year the band supported HeWhoCorrupts in Germany and Switzerland with great success. Poostew managed to connect their rapid music with a furios live show located in both metal and hardcore scene.

In late 2005 it was time for the band to move on and they decided to join forces with Silentstagnation Records to release another split 7" EP as well as their second full length in mid 2006. They are already working on new material which sounds faster in an even more complex manner.

Poostew already shared the stage with bands like Nasum, Cephalic Carnage, Buried Inside, Hewhocorrupts, Japanische Kampfhörspiele, Mörser, As We Fight and numerous more.
For 2006 a two-weeks European tour in the works.
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SPLIT W/ Japanische Kampfhörspiele [MCD]



SPLIT W/ ]licht-ung[ [7"]


Was haben Poostew aus dem schönen Münsterland und The Doors gemeinsam? Nicht viel? Von wegen, mehr als man denkt.
Plutocracy - Cover
Bumms - das sitzt. Gut 21 Minuten gibt´s auf die Omme, ganz im Stil der Nasums und Misery Indexe, eben mal ziemlicher Rotten Sound.